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Flixel, Day 1

Posted by: Ryan

I came across an ActionScript 3 game library called Flixel, which is pretty simple, but it's also pretty damned cool in my opinion. For those who don't know, ActionScript is the programming language that Flash uses, and there's something about coding files, compiling them, and getting back .swf files that just feels really cool. So I've set it all up on my home computer and my work computer, and I've been messing with it to try and make a small 2D Flash game.

Flixel, Day 1
Today's Work Time: Less than 3 hours

My code actually compiles now. I've gotten text to appear on the screen, and I also have an animating sprite on the screen. The sprite I used was the same one from the demo game that comes with flixel, which is called Mode. As of now, the sprite has no physics, but it can be moved up/down/left/right, it does have a slight acceleration curve to it's movement, and it animates correctly for each case. It's kind of like the sprite is floating around in space. Especially since there's nothing but a black background behind him.

Part of the way through, I Google-searched for some premade sprites, and I tried out a Sonic the Hedgehog sprite, but it looked kind of weird, just due to the way I put it together. I only had a four-framed running animation, and when he turned around, there was no real transition. The running animation just flipped. So the Sonic bit turned out pretty bad the first time, but I'm sure I'll come back around to ripping sprites once I get the hang of using them correctly.

Flixel, Day 2 (Today)
Today's Work Time: Less than 2 hours

I've been messing with this project at work. Not good. I should be working. I'll go back to work after I post this entry. :D

I stole a background from some random Mega Man game, so that way, it wouldn't just be a plain black background, and I would have something that clearly looked like a floor. I've switched back to using the sprite from Mode, and I decided to make him move much faster, and jump much higher... well, because it's more fun to test with. I added in some really hacky code to make sure that the player doesn't fall through the floor, or walk past the sides of the screen. Believe me, that code will be replaced later on. But right now, I think I have something that I can actually show you guys!

Sorry, the old version's been removed!

Check out the latest version at:

Yeah, just check out the new one. Having too many Flash things on one page just makes them all run slower.
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