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Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection? Yes it is!

Well here I am, back on Destructoid. Feels like coming home, anyways I've been blogging recently on a blog me and some mates set up, and even though it's pretty cool to do, I miss blogging here. So here's a review I wrote for that blog...

I have good memories of the Sega Mega Drive, actually it was my first games console, not counting my Gameboy (it is a handheld). Sonic 3 was probably my favourite game, the bright colours, great music and blue hedgehog running around loops were the best ever when you're a 6 year old hyped up on sugar. Well not too long ago I decided to relive these memories with the Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection (Sonic's Ultimate Collection if you live over there) for the Xbox 360. So what did I think?

I love you Sega! That's what I think. Sega has gone beyond what I'd expect them to include in this collection. I've noticed lots of companies are doing their own collections like this these days, and why not? They've got all these older games, that people love and remember, just sitting there and all they have to do is make them run on new hardware, it's almost certain some people will buy it, the problem is that many companies can be very lazy when they do this.

The last generation of consoles had a lot of these collections, most were rubbish, and they usually had a couple of good, memorable games that drew the customer in and the rest were a load of crappy games that no one remembers or care about. Thankfully Sega, saw this and decided they weren't going to go that low.

Sega finally did something right for once, they have put 49 of their classic games when they were on the highest point of their history, on to one disc, threw in save states, interviews and unlockables to produce a deal probably better than The Orange Box.

Right...what can I say about it? The games are completely in their original state as when they were released, from what I can tell this disc just emulates the games and ramps up the resolution so you can play it on your TV, I can't really tell if there's any slow down while playing it but luckily Sega has used the American releases of the games. Confused? Well in short, over here our TV's run on 50Hz, these games were programmed to run on 60Hz and so Sega slowed down the games over here to make sure they run on our TV's. Anyways, multiplayer still works perfectly, and yes Streets of Rage is as good as you remember it with your mates.

Sega has even decided to give us a bit more bang for our buck by including interviews with developers of the original games, I actually found this quite interesting as these developers haven't played some of these games in years and start remembering things they forgot about long ago. Finally, they've included the original box art of the Mega Drive games....American box art.....yeah....

Even my girlfriend likes this collection (bear in mind she joined a group on Facebook called "Dear XBOX, I want my boyfriend back), she used to play the Mega Drive when she was a kid, even though all she can remember is Sonic and Alex Kidd. This collection is for ANYONE who has owned or even just played a Mega Drive when they were a kid, memories and the joy of playing Sonic the Hedgehog for the first time. People always remember Nintendo's older games like Mario and The Legend of Zelda but nearly every game on here is a classic and should not be forgotten, they may not be as fancy as what was on the SNES but they sure are fun to play.

I got my copy off eBay for 20, perfect condition, great purchase. But while searching for the game list on Google I've found it's actually only 17.99 on Play.com! My god, I cannot recommend this enough, 49 classic games for 18! Buy it, buy it now!
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