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Ghostbusters - Quick Review


In case you missed my positively glowing Snap Judgment on this title, I'll do a quick rehash. I was positively glowing about this game an hour in, and hoped it could keep the nostalgia train rolling on the tracks to absolute retro bliss. Could the rest of this game keep me as full of glee as the first hour did, or would it be dredged through much as so many of my childhood memories have been?


+ Nostalgia factor is off the charts, especially in the earlier chapters.
+ Visuals and effects are far better than expected, the proton packs look amazing
+ Voice work is top notch, they managed to bring all of the original cast back.
+ Achievement design is well done and funny, all bearing the same name as movie quotes.
+ Cut scenes have a good style and fit well.


- Teammate AI is disastrous and incredibly frustrating, especially on Professional (hard)
- Chapter design is incredibly boring, generic spooky environments
- Weapons feel interchangeable, I used the proton pack through the entire game with very little problems
- Upgrades feel pointless, I unlocked the achievement for purchasing them near the midway point.
- Ghost design is uninspired, boring, and just plain lazy.
- Boss fights are boring and extremely repetitive. (SHOOT THE GLOWING ______)
- Multiplayer is a joke. No co-op story mode, no local co-op, only special levels specifically crafted.


All in all, I would've been better off if I had played the first 2 chapters, turned my Xbox off, and cracked the disk over my knee. What begins as a fantastic and fresh adaptation of a classic favorite turns into a contrived boring snoozefest. It's so sad, because the beginning shows such AMAZING potential, but the rest of the game doesn't even come close. I can't say that it's awful (because it could've been so much worse), but when a huge Ghostbuster's fan such as myself had more fun playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine - something went horribly wrong.

Overall Score: 6.0 -- Alright (6s may be slightly above average or simply inoffensive. Fans of the genre should enjoy them a bit, but a fair few will be left unfulfilled.)
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