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On Br�tal Legend

Side note before I begin: The dots (when used sparingly) are awesome, and yes I do know that they're really called umlauts.

Now onto the real topic -- Brutal Legend (I don't want to copy and paste that u every time I spell the word brutal). For all intents and purposes, I should be looking forward to this game. I should be salivating uncontrollably at the mere mention of its name. Hell, I should get be getting a boner every time I heard the word Rocktober or see a picture of Tim Schafer.

But I don't. So what seems to be the problem? Let's analyze the situation.

I'm a metal head. I love metal. Ask my roommates, my girlfriend, my family. They'll all say the same thing -- "He listens to scary music." Pretty much. Old school classic metal ala Maiden. Modern metalcore like As I Lay Dying and All That Remains. Metallica (older stuff). The Swedish stuff like In Flames and Dark Tranquility. The genre mashups like All Shall Perish for deathcore or Blood Stain Child for times when I want to get my Melodic Death Metal + Trance music with Japanese lyrics fix.

(Please don't use the bands I listed to start a "omg metalcore sux" or "ew you like this subgenre" fight -- I am just showing that I listen to a variety of different metal stuff -- remember, it's all metal)

Anyway, a game based on metal and metal imagery should be right up my alley. The main character is a roadie for a metal band. He gets to ride around on a motorcycle and use a wicked looking guitar as a weapon. There are spikes, skulls, skeletons and flames. Also, the soundtrack for the game looks like it'll be pretty solid so that should be a plus. But still nothing doing.

I don't know what it is but nothing about the game interests me. Jack Black as the voice talent? That's cool I guess. I liked him in Orange County. He sang a song called "The Metal." A lot of people keep saying how awesome it is that Jack Black is going to be in the game but from me all it gets is an apathetic "eh."

And then there's the game play. I think the biggest reason I don't want Brutal Legend is the game play. I really don't want another 3rd person brawler game even if that game is based upon everything I love. I was never really a big fan of games like God of War and stuff like that. I really wish I could make myself like Brutal Legend. My brother who's less of a metal head than I am is practically chomping at the bit for it. He keeps telling me how awesome it's going to be.

The funny thing is -- given Schafer's pedigree and the amount of effort being put in this title -- it probably will be awesome. I just wish I could care.
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