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A personal message to Michael Bay (NVGR)


Congratulations Michael Bay,

You have exceeded my expectations in your direction with your latest masterpiece, Transformers, The Rise of the Fallen. The Godfather, The Shawshank Redemption, Robot Jox...your film is now in my personal favorites collection to stay.

Megan Fox running in slow motion through out half the film, Optimus Prime taking on 5 different Decepticons at once...The rest of the film however is a total retarded, fucked up, waste of money that could have gone to putting more hospital beds in our rural hospitals so that people can stop dying from Swine Flu here in Victoria, Australia.

Between Shia LaBouf's annoying as fuck and pointless parents somehow swapping from the U.S to France to Egypt every 30 fucking minutes, a black soldier that could do a toothpaste commercial with his sparkly teeth that look like an army of albino soldiers standing in line, the terrible script consisting of rotten dialect and shit house jokes (including a weed cookie taking effect 2 minutes after consumption when it would take over an hour to digest), Explosions EVERYWHERE consisting of robots and people I couldn't give a fuck about, representing America (yet again) in the idealistic fashion of being the all mighty masters of the universe that now control the Autobots, and last but not least; Decepticons that decide they want to be Autobots for the fuck of it at the convenient time and turning point of the film.

But as I said, great job on Megan Fox, Optimus Prime and Slow Motion.

Keep up the good work.

P.S- Try to keep in mind that without a decent story with characters we couldn't give a fuck about, we don't care about the things that go BOOM! around them.

P.P.S- The movie title sounds like a advertising campaign for Viagra

Note: If you feel I spoiled the movie for you in this write up, I am doing you a favor! Trust me.
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