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Persona 3 FES Run 6/22/09 Part III: Inscribed Bosoms, Internet Dating, and more

Busy schedules have caused both of us to be unable to meet for the past week and hence the late update.

To catch up on things, scroll down for part one and view my counterpart's compilation via the following link for part deuce:


Monday in the real world brought us to Saturday in the game world. That night the creepy child that we met before informed us that a full moon will be here a week from that Saturday and some serious shit was gonna happen. We took the warning and prepared ourselves appropriately. This week would also be Golden Week, where there were several days off from school. Make believe/Japanese holidays such as Constitution Day and Children�s Day were among the festivities that we didn�t participate in or knew of. Instead we chose to study every night like we usually do, but got sick and couldn�t study very well thereafter.

One day we decided to play MMORPG Junpei gave us a while back. There we met a female player surnamed as Maya. Being an expert in the field of online dating, I took it upon myself to flirt with the �chick.� Surprisingly, we established a social link and unlocked a new Persona over the Internet.

As the days passed, we were reminded of the love affair between Kenji and his teacher, and conjectured that both of them were going to get married. Kenji was excited and stated that he would marry her as soon as he graduates. We also improved our charm stat by correctly answering the questions given to us in class, with the help of an iPhone that browsed to Google. Yes, we were that desperate to become popular in class.

Eventually, the full moon came and sure enough, some serious shit happened. A large Shadow has escaped from Tartarus and commandeered a monorail. During the Dark Hour, electronic equipment doesn�t work, however things such as motorcycles and communication devices have no problem with that. We made our way to the monorail station and found the train we were supposed to get on, with blood splats scattered several meters from it.

On the train, we could sense something was evil, but Junpei felt the urge to run up ahead and take care of things himself. Needless to say, he was getting his ass handed to him and it was up to Steve and Yukari to save him. At the front of the train, we fought the boss. This boss was a priestess demon with the letters �B� and �J� written on her exposed bosom. I�ll leave it up to you contemplate what the letters stand for. We defeated the boss easily and prevented the possessed train from running into another train. After all of that, we returned to the real world and continued our persistent efforts to study for midterms the following week.
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