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CONTEST: Win One Of 10 PS3/Xbox 360 Call of Duty: World At War Map Pack Codes


[I don't want to be "that guy", but no one reads Ripten, and a couple of IRC-loitering Dtoiders have already taken part in it- i figure others might want to as well. It's for your benefit, I swear! Plus, if enough people don't enter, what the fuck are we gonna do with them?

While I'm at it, you can also win 1 of 30 limited edition Rock Band guitars.

Also, type in the Konami Code and press enter. Yeah, on this page. Right here. Do it. I dare you.]

*gasp* Man, that title is a mouthful.

The second Call of Duty: World at War (seriously, I refuse to call it Call of Duty 5.) map pack just hit, and while presumably thousands of people are having fun with it right now, you mightíve just hoped it would hit the proverbial online bargain bin soon enough, even though itís a measly $10. Well, now you donít have to, because we at Ripten are giving away 5 PS3 codes and 5 Xbox 360 codes for the map pack.

Of course, we canít just give them to you. That would be crazy! No siree- but you can hit the jump to see what you can do to win a code.

(header image by AgentMOO. Play his game, yo!)

To win one of these codes, all you have to do is make a drawing in MS Paint (or Paintbrush for Mac, Tuxpaint for Linux, or whatever) and leave a link to the picture in the comments below, but donít forget to tell us which console you want the code for. [NOT THESE COMMENTS, THE COMMENTS ON THE ORIGINAL POST.] The drawing can be of anything- as long as itís gaming related, and the Ripten staff will choose the 5 best PS3 artist drawings and the 5 best Xbox 360 artist drawings. The main point of the contest is that you absolutely cannot use anything other than a rudimentary paint program. You can even use an iPhone paint program if you want to, but if we see any hints of Photoshopping, GIMPing, Paint.NET-ing, or A.viary-ing, your painting will not count.

Keep in mind though- best doesnít necessarily mean most skillfull. If your drawing is though provoking, or funny, or artsy, or even just totally outrageous enough to make us like it, then youíll probably win. Thatís not to say that skillful artists wonít win- you can make a drawing of anything, as long as the drawing is related to video games. It doesnít have to look like a Monet, though- Pollacks and Picassos are just as welcome.

You can submit as many masterpieces as you want, but make sure you leave a link to them before midnight (between Tues. & Wed.), Tuesday June 23rd, tomorrah!. Get to it, guys!
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