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88 Lines about 45 Videogames Girls


I tend to only shamelessly self promote all my bead art on here but I wrote a new article today that I'm really proud of, so pardon my back patting. The article is parodying the song, 88 Lines about 44 Women.

Here's a few lines of it to wet your whistles:

Zelda was a Hylian girl,
she held a secret power deep inside.
Chun Li was a different type,
she's the one who’d put you on your ass.
Lulu was a magic girl,
and I was enchanted with a girl like that.
Sheva, a member of the BSAA
took the enemies down flat.

Rikku was an Al Bhed girl,
and a Gullwing member.
Ivy was a domination freak,
she liked that kind of misery.
Ulala had this special way
of turning us on with a song.
Cortana couldn't sing,
but she kept us going and kept us strong.

You can read the rest of this over at my blog. Why? Cause I want the traffic. There I said it. Are you happy now?! I'm a traffic junkie, so live with it.
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