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Red Faction: Guerrilla Fun Times List

I must say, this game is one of my favorites. I'm an explosion-holic, so this is right up my alley. Here are some events that have transpired in my play-through this far. Share your fun stories too! Post however you want, a list, dramatic retelling, campfire sing-a-long (Internet win for someone who pulls that off), whatever fits your story.

1. Tutorial level, half of the roof of the science lab flew right above my head. If he had an afro, it would've looked like a slanted plate.

2. Decided to make a remote charge line to ambush the EDF (one of the first missions in Parker where you can ambush from a bridge). Set them up, and as they drove over them, I set it off. The second car went hurling backwards, while the front one barrel-rolled into the bridge, taking out three citizens in the process. At least the bridge went down.

3. Wanted some demo. work done. I drove a car next to a building, but didn't realize an EDF truck was right next to it. I decided to just gun it. Happily, I took out the gunner on top with my car, and as I hit the building, the top collapsed on the truck...and then I blew it up just for laughs.

4. Tagged a soldier. Watching them run with a remote charge on their face/head (I swear it looks like a head crab with a blinking light on it when you place it right) is funny. Its funnier when they return to their squad, only for their squad to run away. Cue obligatory Benny Hill music and you have the funniest situation. Well, until the remote charge fell off. Then I just blew up the EDF group.

5. Made a remote charge line. An EDF carrier was rolling by, and blew it up. The resulting explosion hurled it upwards into a backflip. When I realized it was off the screen, I looked around. It then crashed on my head just as I had looked up.

6. M.O.A.B's are fun. They're really fun when you have 3 trucks following you and you jump out, run across the bridge, and trigger the 9 charges you put on it. What, I had like 30!

7. Nano Forge is the tits. I nanowned (trademarked as of now...maybe) a soldier by destroying the bridge he was on. As he fell, his comrades in a tank just nails him in the back. EDF soldiers fly far.

8. Guerrilla reinforcements are a pain in the ass. I threw a remote charge from behind cover, and I saw it was moving on the mini-map so I detonated it. Turns out a woman decided to be rambo and ran out to attack the EDF, only to be stuck and then blown up. Her explosion took out a group of EDF though, so that was nice. It was like a suicide bomber, but unintentional.

9. Homing rockets are nice. Thermoberic Rockets are better. Trust me when I say this, Wrecking Crew mode gets a lot funner (and shorter) when you use unlimited ammo of those.

10. One of the greatest moments I can remember at the moment. I decided to be a bad ass and chased an EDF troop with my hammer. As I hit him, an EDF truck came by. The troop hit the truck and from the force damaged it. I had already nearly blown the truck to smithereens. When the soldier hit it, it blew up too.

Post away Dtoiders! (picture from G4, I believe)
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