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A Very Special Sale: AKA The Behemoth likes my hats.

So I've been keeping this very close to the chest for a while, and I'm just about fit to burst from not telling anyone. I didn't want to say anything to till the whole deal was done in case it all fell through. So back at the end of April I had a spike in store traffic coming in from NewGrounds . It seems someone had seen my Castle Crashers hats and posted them in the forums. A few days later I got a sale from one "Tom Fulp" in PA talking about could he get a "whole bunch" of these made...ha, ha, yeah right...paid for with The Behemoths Paypal account....oh crap. I sent the hat out the next day and waited in agony to hear if he liked it. Low and behold he did, and wanted more for San Diego Comic-Con. Sweet! So I got cracking.

That's the fruit of my labors. It took me the better part of a month to get all those hats made. By the time I was done, I was sick and tired of making that pattern. I'd like to say that I shipped them out in a sweet treasure chest style box, but I was so caught up in finals that I just didn't have the time. So what they got was a cardboard box:

I know they've already given a few of the hats away to fiends and as part of a contest but I'm guessing the rest will make their way to The Behemoth booth at Comic-Con. If you're planning on attending, I'd love to see some pics. Also because anon is all like, "pics or it didn't happen", may I present Dan Paladin looking suave in the Red Knight hat:

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