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Scrap Book: A picture journey through Solid Snake's first Team Deathmatch.

[Authors Note: Spoiler warning for the story of Metal Gear Solid 4

Hello there. As I reported earlier, Old...er...I mean...Solid Snake , has taken a venture into the other modes that Metal Gear Online has to offer. Now, here to tell you about his first time leading a team in a round of team deathmatch is none other than...

Old-uh, I mean-Solid Snake!!!!!

Hmm, thank-you...uh...Palidi was it? Uh, but the name in the picture...uh-huh. Ok then...

Anyhow, I've been doing a lot of things for my life. Killed a lot of people. Chased a man across the world and back. I've had a lot of experience with this kind of thing. Then after all is said and done, Kojima comes up to me and demands that I help him entertain those people that buy his games and what not. Ugh, I don't think I've known what it's like to NOT use and M4 since then. It's a nice gun, sure, but I've been able to get my hands on much superior weapons in my day. Makes me glad that I was able to get hold of some different equipment when I was for-err, uh-participated in this...whaddaya call 'em...Team Deathmatch. I decided to start off by taking something drastically different from the M4 I've become sick of. A shotgun.

Snake has acess to all the weapons your average soldier would in the other modes.

I was honestly a little pissed when Kojima told me that he was tak-er-I wouldn't have acess to the Solid Eye. I'm glad he let me keep my Octocam though. He wouldn't let me keep the face mask either, but I manage to sneak those in myself. He also made me promise him that I wouldn't try anything funny like holding people up or trying to use my senses as it might be too unfair to the rest of the participants. It almost make me want ta stay back with my lousy M4...

Snake lacks his Solid Eye, the threat ring, doesn't start with a barrel on hand, and lacks the ability to hold up people. He does have his face camo(which starts unequipped) and octocamo, though there is no indicator in the HUD about how camoflauged he is. He also has a scanning plug.

Oh, yeah. I was a little nervous at first when I was told I was going to be part of a large team. I've worked alone since I was inducted into Foxhound way back when. Oh, how war has changed since then. This, what is it, Sons of the Patriots thing. I could link up to my team mates and see where they were on the field at all times. I could even see the enemy at times too. Why, if I hadn't needed to chase down Liquid and stop the Patriots, I might have found such a thing useful back then.


Oh, that's right. Liquid was there. I was suprised, I thought for sure I killed him back on the top of Arsenal. Eh, but one of my...teammates? Yeah, one of them was able to get a nade on under him and toss him up quite a bit though, heh heh. He ran for it for sure, but I wouldn't let him get away this time.

You're pretty good! *hand gesture*

Heh heh, guess even he can't stand up to a point blank shotgun blast. Brugh..ugh..LIIIIIIQUIIIID!!!!!! Huh, uh, what...oh, right, my story. Well it all started-huh, not that one? Oh, yeah, I remember now. So then I decided to find a nice spot to ambush the other team as they tried to take our side.


Yeah, so I found a nice spot. My octocamo really helped me blend in too. Some teammates showed up to help too, hiding a bit further back so I could hit their rear as they passed by and were kept busy by my team. It worked well for a while, but I've never really been the type that knew how to talk in a formalized team.

Snake's codec phrases are the exact same as in Sneaking mode.

I tried yelling "get back", and "take cover". But, meh, these young kids and their new fangled what ever the hell. Didn't want to listen to an old fart like me. They ran on ahead and got themselves slaughtered. I was bearly able to retreat back to the base to pick up a weapon better suited to multiple pursuers.

Here's snake picking up his trusty...AK?

Yeah, that's right. I took an AK102. Yeah, there was an M4 there. FUCK THAT NOISE THOUGH. I'm so sick of the M4. And I wasn't about to let the other team take us without a good fight. So I ran out with my AK, shootin and shootin, teammates behind me, pushing on ahead. And then I jumped down to the tunnel entrance, and there was one guy just coming out. And I shoot and shoot. It was combat high at it's best.


Err...I told you to get rid of that picture. What? No they don't! Grumble, grumble... Well...he got me... but I didn't go down alone.


Here he is on the floor too. My team found victory very shortly after that. It was...it was certainly a rush. War has changed from what I once knew. Now people light up in colors, run around with afros and make toilet jokes about how the fallen are "a lot of weight". Hmph...maybe I'll get more accustomed to it if I get some of the people I know into it. Like maybe Raiden, or...huh? What's that? Raiden's been doing this for a while? Mei Ling...Meryl too!? Johnny-wait, who was he again?

Uh...so yeah. That was my first time with this...Team Deathmatch? Team Deathmatch. I'd like to thank Palidi for taking pictures for the ole' scrap book I've started keeping since I learned I wasn't going to become a walking biological weapon.

It's meeeee!! *^.^*

Yep, that's...Demo...Girl? Wait...I thought your name was...uh-huh. Uhh...whatever, I'm going to take a nap. Taking that photo with me too. Damn young kids and their damn random explosions...
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