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Cross Edge: Final Impression

Cross Edge was a game ripe with promise and I had such high hopes that I bought it as soon as it came out. Wow, what a mistake. If you read my First Impression post, you know that I was still hoping that Cross Edge was going to pick up speed and impress me with an amazing story and great combat system. That totally didn't happen. What did happen is that when I got into the first major dungeon, the game turned into a mega weak platformer clone with awkward controls. During my first fight in this *sweet* new environment, a single, yes single enemy managed to two shot my front line tank Morrigan who had a maxed weapon and armor. Fantastic. So it's official: this isn't fun anymore. This game has had less in common with a NIS production and more with one of the old LJN NES carts, and we all know how much fun they were.
I put the cart up for sale on the net and took the $35 I got for it and bough Devil Summoner 2 Limited Edition. It may be a $15 loss, but DS2 is already been more fun in the first 15 minutes. Plus I got a sweet plushie :3 Score! My advice to you is to stay as far away from Cross Edge as possible, unless your idea of a good video game is akin to beating your dick with sandpaper.

Final Verdict: DO NOT WANT
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