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Tons of New Bead Sprites - Cloud, Zero & Secret of Mana


So this is what I spent my weekend doing. I have a huge list of pieces to make right now and these are the pieces I got done this weekend. Cloud from Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories was a private project and a piece that is open to anyone that wishes to purchase him once I mount him on a background. He's too big for a magnet.

The Mana Spirits and Neko the Cat below are part of a bigger Secret of Mana project that a customer ordered. She also ordered the regular Mana set and Flammie from my store. I hope she orders more Mana characters from me soon, cause I really want to make more.

And finally I got to make Zero from the Mega Man series and a Ninja from Final Fantasy Tactics (PS1) for another customer. He already ordered Mega Man and another FFT character from me before, so it was cool to make more for him.

I still plan to make pieces for my Dtoid contest soon. It's just a matter of finding time to do it.

Remember that I'm always open to creating custom pieces and I especially love working on them. Even if I sell characters in my store, I am always open to making different poses of those characters for customers too.

Pixelated Creations
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