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Ensign, De-Activate Lurking Device.

When I play Left 4 Dead with my younger sister in Boston and her friends on XBL, I don't always get the most kills, but I always take the least amount of damage on our team. This is because her friends love to charge headlong into the fray while I prefer to let the young bucks be my boss-infected minesweepers so that I can take the credit for swooping in at the last minute and saving them.

In the hopes of not sucking, I've approached entering the DToid community in the same way. I've watched for many months now -- seen new members hunted for placing forums posts in the cblogs, tanked for walls of text or grammatical travesties, and seen the long tongue of justice applied to blatant trolling or fanboyism. It is among my goals to avoid these gruesome fates.

"Hey guys, I just thought of this great new RRoD joke! It goes like th-- hrrgrhgrugru!!!!"

I've been a gamer since the Atari and Commodore 64 days, although I didn't have a console at home until the NES. I started as a pen and paper gamer, playing D&D, until Zelda on the NES and Phantasy Star on the Sega Genesis showed me that I could have a similar type of experience at home, whereupon I promptly soaked up as much of those consoles as I could get my hands on.

I dropped off the console scene during the SNES generation, as I was enamored with PC gaming at the time, from the original survival horror game, Alone In The Dark (not the newer bug-fest) to Civilization, to Warcraft II, to Diablo II, to Quest for Glory, and more.

FYI, Resident Evil bit the "scary dog busting through the window" gag from this oldie but goodie.

I picked back up with consoles towards the end of the PS1 era, and have been rolling ever since. My game genre tastes are pretty diverse, but I tend to lean more towards RPG and Adventure titles. I'm sure that this is because I have a deep love of good narrative and engaging dialogue in games. I'm a big fan of Bioware and similar developers, as a result. Immersion is a big selling point for me with a video game -- I suppose this comes from my D&D roots. Not too much immersion, mind you -- this is a LARP-free zone.

I'm not opposed to FPS games (I used to play 3-on-1 against my friends on Goldeneye because I spanked them otherwise), although I'm a bit burnt out on the genre at the moment. I know that Killzone 2 is going to be a great game when I get around to playing it, but I just can't muster the motivation right now. I think I just trudged through one too many fragfests-without-a-cause, and it sapped my will.

Give me a reason to want to blow up those enemies, and I will usually do it with gusto! For example, The Darkness wasn't the greatest shooter out there, but after watching TV snuggle-style with Jackie's girlfriend then watching what happens to her, I could put my wife in that role and imagine what I would do in Jackie's place with those powers at my disposal. Good narrative helped me engage in the gameplay. Also, Mike Patton FTW. Better recognize.

"Why are we fighting these guys again?"
"Stop asking ghey questions and shoot him!!!"

I write about games as well on my own website, but I believe in experiencing as many different viewpoints and community styles as possible, and DToid has been one of my favorites due to the sense of humor and the demand for quality writing from the members. I may share my own writing from that site on occasion (unless this is frowned upon? it seems like some is encouraged/accepted, while others get flamed) so that you can get to know me and my thoughts on gaming better as I have gotten to know you all from the shadows over these past months. By which I mean, at work I read your comments and blogs regularly and have regretted not joining the party sooner.

I look forward to interacting with the good (and not-so-good) people here and exchanging ideas, quips, witticisms and more!
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