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E3... Dont call it a comeback

Well it seems that E3 has returned to its former glory after 2 disapointing E3 conventions in 07 and 08. E3 2009 was one of the greatest E3 conventions ever in my opinion, and the reason for all of this was the booth babes and the games were ok i guess aswel. Ok all joking out of the way as far as i am conerned the amount of games shown at E3 that i thought were pre order worthy makes me think one thing, an that is that i need to get second job to pay for all this stuff. So heres my rundown of all the biggest things in E3 2009 for me. First thing i would like to say is that nobody won E3 its not a competition an if there was a winner it would be us the gamers because we have all these companies trying to impress with all thier products to the point of handing of our wallets to the companies and saying " I believe this is yours now " So yay we won. Now there are almost too many games to mention at this years E3 but im just going to go through a few.

METAL GEAR Two metal gear games... TWO! ( read my profile and you will understand the excitement ) this for me is nothing short of a miracle as a major metal gear fan from back in that day BUT and there is always a but especially when talking about a kojima game, i almost wish the games were the other way round ( console wise ) the reason for this is that metal gear solid 3 was 10/10 for me but metal gear 2 was more 8.5/10 and playing as raiden although does get me hyped as he has recently bin to school of BADASS and now looks slightly more male, Big boss is just Big boss and thers not much else to say, he is the original. So id hope you understand why i would rather have the spin off on the psp and the " true sequel " according to kojima on the 360 and PS3.

HALO another franchise with two games and another of my favourite franchise's so again another miracle in my eyes. I have also seen the hype for Halo ODST has dropped more than a 90 year old womans chest, which after the recent demo showing is understandable but i think Halo ODST is suffering from sameegnineitis, although i love the Halo 3 engine apparently the rest of the gaming community i have spoke to does not, so my prayers go out to Halo ODST even though bungie always tend to deliver, but i cant help but feel that this is being released waaaay too late for what the game is aiming to be. As for Halo Reach i am excited to the point of wetting myself, simply because i have just finished reading the first halo novel which takes place on the planet reach, only thing i have to say is a new engine is a MUST otherwise the series is not advancing and without progression in this industry it will surely ruin the series.

MODERN WARFARE 2 already pre ordered NEXT!.

UNCHARTED 2 the first uncharted was a great game and now uncharted 2 seems to have been taking steroids and working out at the gym until sonys showing of the game where it proudly just stood there and flexed its biceps and took my girlfriend. This is one game that i can truly call next generation, everything about the game that i have seen just shouts " WHO WANTS SOME! " while all other games just stare at the ground and hope that it doesnt get picked on. My only problem with the previous uncharted was i thought the shooting in the game was not that brilliant but everything else work great so hopefully they have worked on that.

GOD OF WAR 3 now as far Kratos being the number one guy i wouldnt want to get into a fight with ( other then Chuck Norris of course ) he is now one of my favourite characters of all time, any character that rips someones head off with there bare hands is just so badass that they need a label on the game cover stating " WARNING the main character in this game may cause you to constantly scream HOLY SH*T and claim him as your lord and saviour ". The previous God of War games were excactly what all games should take after and that is EPIC, obviously i dont wanna see Mario decorating a room with bowsers blood but i hope you understand what i mean when i say that alot of games could take a page from God of War's book.

MARIO GALAXY 2 so i was not expecting this game at all because i assumed it was Links turn to hold down the fort over at nintendo this year, but i am still very glad to see a sequel to one of the best games of recent times my only problem is that nintendo said themselves that this is kind of Mario Galaxy 1.5 so there is a sligh possibility that it may not be as groundbreaking as the last more any progression is better than no progression i guess.

METROID: OTHER M did you say team ninja? really? so does that mean that samus is going to being running around in a bikini with an all new engine that makes her breast's wobble like jelly on a bouncy castle in a earthquake... erm....AWESOME, all joking aside very happy to see Metroid changing direction abit and trying something new, not alot of games of its status dare to completely change the way its played and i admire there efforts to try and bring something new to the fans even if it completely fails, but i highly doubt it will being its one of nintendo's home grown.

ALL THAT MOTION STUFF at E3 2009 both microsoft and sony decided to unveil there new motion controls, what do i think about this... whats wrong with a controller?. But in all honesty i am interested in where both companies are going with this as they are both showing a bit of Mii 2 syndrome, aslong as they dont fully turn into nintendo and use these controls in some serious games and not start releasing Halo fitness and God of war Olympics im all for it. This is obviously where the industry is going right now and i can only hope its the right direction, and to a certain degree i kind of wonder i we ready for all of this motion type stuff ( buts thats for another blog i guess ).

- Wolfenstien
- Batman arkham asylum
- Dark Void
- Splinter Cell: Conviction ( one of the best games at E3 without doubt )
- Singularity
- Dead Rising 2 ( although a kind of no show )
- Fifa 10 ( Liverpool F.C. for life :-D )
- Alpha protocol
- Borderlands
- Bioshock 2
- Tekken 6
- Assassins creed 2 ( Just dont flop this time ok )
- Left 4 Dead 2
- Forza Motorsport 3
- Bayonetta
and many more..

hope you enjoyed my first real post and thanks for reading
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