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Hi im kinda new here :D

My first post WOW, ok so im very new to blogging and kind of new to destructoid, i have always wanted to start something like this and on this day i got the courage to start my own blog with hopes that my opinions and thoughts are at least respected and if possible enjoyed by all of you out there in the destructoid community. First things first im a gamer ( since 1994 to be specific ) so with that said you probably know what my blogs will be about. So i hope you take something from my blogs even if its the courage to make your own blog on why you think my opinion sucks. I am in no way shape or form a fanboy to any of the console out today i am a serious gamer who loves all sides of the industry, once again extremely new at this but if you enjoy my blog then stay tuned and if you hate it then pray for me to get better.
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