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LittleBigPlanet levels made by this Community: #2: Y0j1mb0 Highlight ( Plus exclusive interview! )


The Destructoid community is a creative community. Mikey draws, JackofnoTrades models, Ceark paints, Teta draws too etc. But that's not all. We create too! In LittleBigPlanet that is. To show the community what we, LBP owners, can create I've decided to make a weekly Blog that highlights the level creation skills of a community member. This entry is a bit late. My apologies. When I started this series my intention was for it to be weekly but with school and my dark Dutch deeds, time has been a rare commodity. And my connection is, well, pretty much dead right now. Well fear not my fellow Dtoiders as the second installment is here and this week we highlight Community member and self proclaimed samurai Y0j1mb0 and his Little Big Planet's Levels.

For those who haven't taken the plunge of playing Y0j1mb0's levels of torture, prepare for Dualshock controller shucking brutal difficulty. The names of his two levels are:

Y0j1mb0's 1st Level & Y0j1mb0's 2nd Level.

Not very creative titles but the levels themselves are... if you're a masochist. What follows below is an inside look at his levels and an even deeper look at what makes him tick.

photos taken by GQ

You once proclaimed Little Big Planet as the most important video game since Super Mario in one of your blogs. Do you still stand by that?

I do. While that proclamation seems a bit over the top, I feel that the game itself is a huge step in giving gamers easy, accessible tools to create anything that they can dream of and share it with everyone. Sure there have been thorough level editors on the PC but you needed a friggin' degree to get anything even resembling a real level or mod to actually work. In Little Big Planet in a matter of minutes you can shovel shit out and it be playable. Put some real time and effort and it could rival the best out there.

Do you see Little Big Planet popularity waning? After all the hoopla before and during launch, it seems nobody is talking about it anymore.

I see Little Big Planet as a quality staple in Sony's library for years to come. If Media Molecule does what it's doing now releasing DLC like the Metal Gear Pack with more tools and settings to incorporate into gamers' designs then I don't see why LBP wouldn't be relevant and popular as time goes on. While people are not talking about the game, have you seen the online community? There are levels being created on a daily basis that you wont even finish before more content is produced from its community. Sure most is of the adequate or amateurish quality but there is something to be said for checking them all out.

Sometimes you find a really fucking awesome level and other times you find rubbish. It's like treasure hunting. Even the horrible levels have a certain hilarious charm, almost akin to the cblog recaps. Where the fail blogs are many Dtoiders guilty pleasure so are the fail levels in Little Big Planet.

So your levels. They are super hard. What's up with that? What was your vision, your underlying theme for them?


Come again?

People need more of that in their games nowadays. It's a shame when 99.9% of most games you play now you hardly see the game over screen. Everybody now can beat a game in a day, two days tops. I remember when beating a game meant you were hot shit. Deeds like that were groupie worthy then, now anybody can beat a game. It's pathetic. I made my levels with the singular thought of raping the people who played them, to the point they would quit.

Don't you want people to enjoy your levels though?

I do. On my terms. The levels I created can be beaten. They also have two different paths that you can take. One easier than the other, but the harder one obviously nets you more points. The incentive to play should be the challenge of the level and conquering it. Game designers nowadays are too fucking soft. They give us these great looking, cinematic, easy forgetable games that at the end of the day all you get out of them are achievements/trophies to fellate your ego.

So aside from Little Big Planet what are your favorite and not so favorite games right now?

Well I dig on some Left for Dead. I think any game where you shoot the undead is a winner in my book. Hell I would love to see an MMO in the vain of Left for Dead, where it's like a fucking Zombie Apocalypse but instead of a ragtag of humans left who are just trying to survive, it be like hundreds versus thousands of the undead. Where when you get killed by the zombies you become one of them and continue on.

I also liked Gears of War 2. Hate the damn multiplayer which is still broken. Fucking shame too. But the single player and Co-op mode made up for it. I don't know how you can hate on a game that lets you carve someone in half with a chainsaw gun. Cliffy B knew how to get that male 17 to 30yr old demographic boners when he added that to the game. Hell if that wasn't in the game I honestly think it wouldn't have sold as much as it did.

SOCOM cause it's the shit and Noby Noby Boy cause in a sea of me toos, it stands out like a glowing vagina in a tea party.

So... do you have anything new in the making you can share?

Yes. More rape.

At this time I would like to thank Y0j1mb0 for his time. Go check out his levels and see if you can post the high score in them.

As for next week these are the community members that might be featured:JackofnoTrades, Brainderailment, Qraze, Moosehole, Iron Pikeman or who knows? It may very well be you

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Editors note: This interview was from a while ago so that's why the games mentioned by Jimbo may seem a bit strange. He's actually playing [Prototype] the whole goddamn day, as well as some Sacred 2
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