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Some supremely important KEY POINTS about Trauma Team


It dropped just a little while ago for Dtoid readers and earlier than that for the Atlus Faithful, but the Trauma Team "Sizzle" trailer is here. Before I saw it, I never really knew what "sizzle trailer" meant. Now I do. Shit be HOT!!!

Keep reading for some KEY POINTS from the video, which is below for reference:

*Mr. Surgeon is a Guy, it seems

I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. I thought it was one of those sullen types like a short-haired Mitsuru or Marina Wulfstan. Ah well.

*Mr. diagnostician looks like a cross between House and Spike Spiegel.

That is fucking boss.

*The guy who talks most during the trailer ("Vitals dropping!") sounds like Kanji/Troy Baker/SEKI TOMOKAZU.

Also fucking boss.

*First Responder Lady reminds me of Chie <3

Don't you see it?! The green-yellow track jacket? The hair? If she has a scene where she kicks stuff or does a standing backflip, I'm going to FLIP OUT.

*Forensics Lady <3

Obvious cleavage + looking a hell of a lot like Nozomi Weaver + kickass power suit = fucking boss.

*Ms. Endoscope

Looks the cheerful type. Combined with that Lab Coat/Kimono setup and I'd be happy to get camera-tentacle poked.

*Hope springs eternal

But I would bet money that the music used in the trailer is not actually in the game. If it IS, though, this game is going to sound like Ace Combat 5 in a HOSPITAL. Can you guess what that'd be?

That's right. It'd be FUCKING BOSS

Like this, but with scalpels and anesthesia:

Also, have some Angie underboob:

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