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Analyzing the industry's marketing shit: Percentage of console power usage

Yeah, pretty shitty subject for 1.46AM local time.

I have recently joined Playfire. It's a place where gamers gather, show off their game collection (aka. E-peens) and kinda resembles Myspace, in terms of social connection.

In a nutshell, it's another social networking site with gaming orientation, infested with annoying fanboys with their groups and forum wars. Even though I have encountered some great guys and some cool girls of gaming, I admit that this site is a fanboy lair.

I talked to some guys about the console wars, some where right on the spot with facts and logical claims that actually made sense about the consoles they love and support, while some ps3 fanboys annoyed me saying that no game actually reached ps3's full horsepower just because Kojima said it.

It's one of the latest industry's marketing fads. Some important person says that "we reached the 70% of the console" and the fanboys shit their pants. But, looking it at the actual impact this has to the games...


Since not every person who owns a current gen console is a programmer or a computer engeneer, how the fuck they supposed to know that he/she has a console with more power than Chuck Norris?
Why the all-important game creator (I'm looking at you Kojima) has to appear in the public to state a percentage of a console's horsepower usage of a game?

The hardware's potential is something that it's known to the programers at the time they get their first debug units and dev kits. It's not that the hardware will give them the power, or the potential to make a better program or, in our case, a game. It's the ways the developers find to get the best of their routines, making the program require less horsepower for each needed procedure.

So, look at the High Voltage's miracle with the Wii. They really had some good coders to nail those graphics to the weak - compared to the other consoles - Nintendo's wagglebox. Did you hear any of them stating that they reached the end? The answer is: No. Because here will be someone, who will try and find something even better.

If there is to be a change in the videogame industry, it won't happen with bulky hardware (or motion controls). It needs something more: refreshing ideas, brighter minds and consumers who give a second critic thought to what the guys at the gaming industry say.
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