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ShortBlog: Garison, you're aaaaaallll right.

Hey all,
International postage is a bitch. There I said it.

So why the shortblog PuppyLicks? I bet you're all asking that aren't ya? Well let me explain.

Months ago I posted a question to Garison and his cohorts on the Backwards Compatible podcast which they liked so much they decided I should have a prize. Fuckin hey!

Xavier contacts me telling me that Garison will sort something out.

Months pass.

I eventually forget about the mystery prize coming from the other side of the world and move on with my merry life.

That is until a small parcel arrived recently in my mailbox from none other than Gary himself. I open that sucker up and what do I find?

ohhhhhhhhh snap

Well shit a brick, I've always wanted to try this game out and now I can. Fuck yes.
Although this means I have to finally fix the broken sound card on my laptop, see what you're making me do Gary? YOU'RE MAKING ME WORK!!

So, to the point! Garison, thanks for the game man. I wasn't expecting something this epic to come my way, and I doubt shipping from the US to Australia is easy. So many thanks to you.

If I ever see you in person I'll buy you a beer.

p.s. Cheese Heads, lol.
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