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Atlus posts its Demon's Souls blog, my heart warms (shortblog)

In the grand tradition of "oh hay, I haven't posted anything in a while let's just put this thing up," I regurgitate the Atlus newsletter and let you know that they've launched an official Demon' Souls blog to prep the faithful for the pain.

The first entry is mostly general info that I or anyone who's read my blogs or reviews will know, but as always Atlus PR wizard Aram Jabbari (aka AtlusARAM) put out a great line:

"Gamers who want to step up to a real challenge will find exactly what they crave. Some fans who followed the gameís E3 coverage seemed to conclude that the difficulty of the game had been toned down in some way, that Atlus was of the mindset of making the game easier. Not going to happen. We get off on your tears, so expect Demonís Souls to be exactly as soul-crushingly hard as it was when it was released overseas."

Family fun!

Anyway, doing my part, here's the intro, which is different from the CG trailers. The voice acting is cute, and the naming conventions adorably Japanese.

Sixth saint!
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