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(NVGR) Phoenix Wright is helping me become a lawyer

So, having spent the past four hours straight doing homework for my legal classes (yay summer school...), I thought I'd share something now that I've finished my studying for tonight. Normally I listen to Pink Floyd or other easy listening when I'm studying, but this time I opted for something different.

It's been a while since I've booted up Ace Attorney, but I do love the piece titled "Court Begins" (which is the track that starts off the suite in the video). It perfectly nails the ambiance that you have an ordeal ahead of you, you know what you must do, and it's showtime. Not only is it a great piece, but it also would appear that it's perfect for law students to play in the background while studying.

I may not be in law school yet (in a paralegal studies Associate Degree program, as the first part of my pre-law), but I can safely say that Phoenix Wright is helping me become a lawyer. =)
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