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Near-Death Experiences� or How I Made the RROD my Bitch!

I�m a relatively new 360 owner. Back in late October, I transferred $200 from my Ala Carte account to my Flex Account at school. What that means is I transferred money from what would primarily be used to pay for food, to an account that is like a debit card, but can only be used at places on campus and handful of local businesses in the area. The university bookstore here sells things besides school supplies and textbooks, such as electronics. Being only a Wii owner (a broken one at that) and seeing how the Xbox 360 received a price drop not so recently, I caved in and picked up an Arcade unit. A few weeks later, Microsoft released the 60 GB Xbox Live Starter Pack, which would grant me all of the features of the Pro. With that, I lived happily ever after with my 360.

Skip ahead to a little over seven months, and I�m reaching the end of my second year in college. I was playing poker on Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (don�t ask) and my roommate was placing socks into his drawer, which has the power cords to everything hanging over. He accidentally bumps the power switch on the power strip, and the power goes out on everything. Now, my roommate is a huge pothead and sudden incidents like that freak him the hell out. He quickly flips back the switch and turns on the 360, when I see something that I�ve only heard of in fairy tales (and online), three blazing red lights flashed around the power button and my heart skipped a beat.

�Oh shit! Oh shit!� Both my roommate and I muttered. I promptly turned off the power and unplugged everything and waited. I went to the bathroom to take a piss and returned to replace the power cords. Praying to God, I slowly extended my finger to the power button, hoping my nightmares would not become a reality, and the light on the power button flashed green. Everything was back to normal. I dodged a bullet on that one, and nervously returned to my gaming.

Jumping ahead a fortnight later, to today, and I started replaying my downloaded version of Psychonauts, in anticipation for the upcoming Brutal Legend. After the first few cutscenes and creating my save account, the power suddenly shuts off. Not in the whole room, just the 360. There, those three menacing red lights make their return, in the attempt to reclaim my 360. Quickly, I performed the same procedure I did before to fix the problem, but those red lights would not give. I began to lose hope in this battle for my 360�s salvation.

Defeated, I slowly went to my computer and viewed Microsoft�s support Web site. Looking at the hardware problems and matching the symptoms to my 360, I noticed the troubleshoot options that corresponded to the power supply, which I hadn�t realized before. The power supply has a light? My mind was blown and I noticed that the power supply did in fact have a light and it was a steady orangish-yellow when I turned on the 360. I was informed by the page to unplug everything and wait a few seconds before plugging everything back in. The directions sounded familiar to my initial troubleshooting scheme, but I gave it one last go. Anticipating disappointment, the red lights where no more and the glorious green lights shown brightly.

I have seen death. Like Hercules, I�ve been to hell and back (twice). This is nothing short of a feat, and I proclaim myself as the all-powerful RROD Destroyer!
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