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Another Happy Birthday Tetris blogpost

I woke up today and as a normal human being, the first thing to do before washing my teeth was to fire up my pc to see what emails and shit I received from the random sites I participate. My brother was screaming on MSN as soon I loged in: OMFGDARWPDSLDFS! LOOK AT GOOGLE!

Yeah. Google homepage looked like this

and a simple mouse over was explaining WHY all this tetris/pixel galore: It was the 25th birthday of Tetris

Yeah, Tetris turns 25 today with all it's glorious communistic blockyness. Alexey Pajitnov, its creator, was at E3 and made some retrospective at some point that nobody listened.

And, boy, what a shitty day for an old game to have its birthday. It's just at the end of the annual E3 that makes too much noise about new titles, innovative technologies of super consoles with dreamy hardware. We completely fotget the true revolutioneers of the past that shaped the game industry to what it is today.

Tetris is the statement of simplicity and innovation. It's simple, yet engaging. Difficult to master and everybody knows how to play it!

Yeah everybody. Including moms, dads, grandparents and children. It's a simple game about putting falling blocks in the line to clear them out. Everybody can get into it and have fun.Thinkin that at first it was an experimental algorithm about random falling blocks.

Since its initial release, Tetris was a real multiplatform game. It's almost in every device that has a processor and use screen, Including MP3 players, PHotocopy machines, Scientific calculators, consoles, DVD players and recorders etc.

To complete the trivia of this tribute, the most selling version of tetris is that Original Game Boy cartridge that sold 33 million copies. That's really wow thinking that back then, videogames were a lot less mainstream entertainment option. Tetris also inspired a wide variety of other games like Lumines, Columns and Pyo-pop.

And that's that. It's the first post for a long time on destructoid and I believe that the birthday of Tetris is a proper opportunity to make it back to our beloved Dtoid.

Let's forget our super fantastic Xboxes and pee ess threez and weez and play some fucking TETRIS!
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