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So I bought a PS3….

And I couldn’t be happier.

I had been holding out on picking one up for a while now for a couple of reasons;
1. The price, it’s not that I couldn’t afford to buy one it’s just that I couldn’t justify it to myself to do so
2. The variety of games offered vs. the competition.

As time went on I realized that Sony wasn’t going to lower the price anytime soon so that reasoning slowly went out the window. My other reasoning was also coming to an end as more and more companies started announcing exclusive games for the PS3 that I was REALLY interested.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago: So here I am sitting at dinner with my family when my fiancé and myself start talking about my job and bonuses and money and all that shit, after a few minutes she kinda throws it out that there maybe I should go buy a PS3. I obviously did not throw any reasoning why I should NOT buy one and a few minutes later there I was, in line at Best Buy with PS3 in hand.

(MY PS3!!)

Now before I continue with my thoughts on my new toy I have to say that my fiancé is probably the coolest fucking person on earth, she comes with me to various Goodwill stores and flea markets to help me search for games, she also notices and finds things that I don’t during these searches. She encourages me to buy games and never complains when I come walking in carrying a GameStop bag, oh she also PLAYS VIDEO GAMES and can kick my ass at Guitar Hero. She basically rules.

Back to the PS3; after Best Buy I stopped by GameStop to take advantage of the “Buy two used games, get one free” deal that they had going on. Initially I picked up MGS4, Resistance and Uncharted.

MGS4 was the first game I put in and played. I was worried that I wouldn’t like MGS4 since I had played the first one and was bored to tears, I don’t like stealth games but I thought that maybe the years had changed me. Nope, they didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, the game looked AMAZING, like FUCKING AMAZING but it just wasn’t for me. Needless to say the very next day I took it back and exchanged it for Resistance 2 since I had started playing Resistance and was really enjoying it.

Speaking of Resistance…

The next game I tried was Resistance. So far I am really enjoying this game. It’s nothing really groundbreaking and the graphics aren’t anything to write home about but the game play is solid and I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I can’t wait to play part two, which should be this weekend since I am at the last boss / stage area.

I haven’t tried Uncharted yet but I know I’m going to enjoy it. I have however played the Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta and let me just say, that game looks GREAT!

Since my purchase I have also picked up BlackSite: Area 51 for 10 bucks and The Orange Box for 12 dollars. Oh I also grabbed InFamous (which I am more than happy with).

Here are some thoughts on my experience so far as well as my thoughts on the interface, store, controller and whatnots that comes with the PS3.

• First the controller; I never thought I would say this but I now prefer the PS3 controller **over** (FIXED) the 360. It feels tighter and I have an easier time navigating through 1st person shooters. I’m glad it has the “rumble” but honestly if it didn’t I wouldn’t really care.

• Next the interface / menu; I’m torn on this one. While the PS3’s menu system is sleek it just seems empty to me. I prefer the colors and graphics and all that fluffy shit that you get with the Live service on the 360. I do however prefer the menu on the PS3 over the Wii.

• The Playstation Store: I like it. It’s quicker and sleeker (in my opinion) than navigating through the 360 or the Wii’s online store. Now maybe it’s just me but I have to give more credit to the 360 Live service for having more of a variety to choose from once you are in the store.

• Playstation Home. I don’t like it. It’s boring. I gave it a shot and I honestly don’t care. Maybe one day down the road it will be something to check out but right not I wouldn’t care if they took it away.

• Graphics. This one is though because some games are like comparing apples to apples while others are definitely a step above the rest. Killzone 2, MGS4 and Uncharted 2 are the only games that I have played so far that have really made me go “wow”. I was expecting inFamous to look better (not that it looks bad) but it doesn’t look like anything that you couldn’t do on the 360. God of War III however fucking kills everything out right now and I will be buying it day one.

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase and I am ridiculously excited for a shit ton of the games that have been announced recently or at this years E3. If I had to rate the PS3 on a scale of 1 – 10 based on price, games available (including exclusives) online and accessories I would definitely give it a solid 8.

Oh I almost forgot here is my PSN ID: “Chillybill”. Feel free to add me; hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you soon during FNF’s.

Thanks for stopping by!

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