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My E3 favorites

This year’s E3 was an especially good one, Microsoft’s media conference was especially exciting with a great
deal of really exciting looking games announced, Sony’s conference was good though not quite as exciting as
Microsoft’s, and Nintendo’s was just kind of disappointing with the only good points being a new Metroid and
Super Mario Galaxy 2. So now I will discuss what I thought were the best games of the show and which
ones I am most looking forward to.
Well There was a good amount of very interesting looking games for the Xbox 360 so I will look at those first,
Assassins Creed 2 looks to half solved many of the problems that plagued the original including the
repetitiveness of the info missions that had to be done before an assassination so this looks like it could be a
very good game. Then of course there was Modern Warfare 2 which just looks like more of the
awesomeness that was CoD4 plus I can’t wait to try out the co-op with my friends over Xbox live. Then there
was Conviction, I am not normally into the whole stealth action thing in most games but this does have me
genuinely interested and I can’t wait to try it out.
The PS3 also had some great titles that I am really excited for; God of war 3 obviously looks amazing though I
have never played any of the previous titles in the series I am definitely going to be picking up that tile day one.
MAG is also a title that I am greatly looking forward to and it will finally provide me with a good multiplayer
experience for my PS3 (KZ2 got old fast). Plus Uncharted 2 looks great. The Nintendo Conference did little to
interest me so I will not talk about it.
By far my most looked forward to game though was Brutal Legend I loved Phsyconauts so I cant wait for
Double Fines next masterpiece. APB also looks very interesting as I have never been genuinely interested in
an MMO before and this has me hyped. But all in all this was a great E3 so yeah, the end.
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