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Metroid: Other M-Speculation...ASSEMBLE~


Now chances are that your mind has been blown away by this hell of a surprise Nintendo and Team Ninja gave us. Some us find it enjoyable-others not so much. But I'm not here to talk about that.

No. I'm here to talk about what the name means, and how it can by synonym to all things Metroid.

Nintendo has confirmed this game to be set between Super and Fusion. We already see Adam and a young Samus at the Galactic Federation HQ. Flashbacks of her fighting Mother Brain are seen, alongside mysterious women and a black guy who no one remembers.

The title, Other M, is supposed to represent a variety of themes in this game. It isn't solitary-it's a multitude ot metaphorical meanings. And on top of that, everyone's saying if you rearranged it, it spells Mother. Here's a list of things that I've come up with that could possibly be represented.

The loss of Samus's mother during the Ridley raid when she was younger.
The Metroid larva that Samus found at the end of Metroid II that saved Samus's life because it saw her as it's "mother'.
The realization of her not having a mother, in physical form, but to the spiritual aspect of the Chozo upbringing in a motherly state.
Perhaps Samus gives birth to a bunch of genetic clones in that Body Arms place in the trailer, or uses the Chozo technology in her suit to mother their technology.

On top of that, how did they secure a vaccine from the Metroid larva in Fusion? They had to get it somehow-maybe the Metroid that saved Samus's life wasn't dead after all. There are a lot of unexplained answers in the Metroid timeline. I know it's a bit too early to speculate based on the trailer, but hopefully this game will answer them all.

because it's that fucking awesome
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