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Last gen Gaming Month Day1

Hello D-toid. I'm hear to try out an experiment i supposed we can say. I'm aiming to play through a collection of games before the ned of the month and figured i might as well blog the exploits.

We got 5 games to try and conquer.

Kingdom Hearts 2

Shadow of the colossus

Oddworld Stranger's Wrath


A heafty list i know... but there shall be retribution for the grevious ungamed games on this list.

As of writting, KH2 is unstarted, Shadow of colossus has 3 colossi downed, Oddworld and psyconauts are about 1/2 way. the same w/ creed as well.

the must beats are oddworld, because i borrowed an xbox to play through it and colossus given that it should be shortish in comparison to the others.

This is also a way to keep me motivated i guess and provide commentary on stuff i find.

Later today Kingdom Hearts Tallies. I got a feeling there's going to be some interesting ones.
Also to note they're all older games on last gen systems aside from creed which is an older game in some sense. I guess it ties into the film viewing i've been doing as well. Trying to catch up on the older stuff so i'm more set for college, w/ less old stuff weighing me down
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