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Cross Edge: First Impression

So my husband and I have made it a habit to play through RPG's together to get some quality time in and ease the pain of grinding. We've both got a weakness for mash-ups and got really excited when we heard about Cross Edge. In theory, It could be everything we wanted in a videogame. Well we've been at it for about 10 hours now, and have some experiences to share.

At least we have cosplay, right? Well not so much. To be frank, we have been grinding alot for the past 10 hours of playing , but I think the game finally gave us a hint that cosplay might be coming soon. Maybe. The cosplay concept is kind of what sold me on this game. NIS seems to have quite a good sense of humor and timing which is apparent to anyone who's played Disgaea. The way it appears to work is that you earn a costume, and when you wear it it changes your appearance, stats and grants you special combat options. I liked it when Jessica in DQ8 did it, so why not a whole game full of it? But alas, I get nothing.

I know we've only scratched the surface of this game, but I'm not sure where it's going. I don't like the grind fests; that's why I quit WOW. I want to like this game based on the merit of it's characters and the publisher, but I've seen past that trap before (I've got my eye on you Squenix!). So far it's a middle of the road gaming experience. Lets' recap:

The Good:
Reasonably deep combat system.
HP refills between battles.
On screen Gem tells you when "random" battle will occur.
B-List RPG character smash up.
NIS' great sense of humor and timing take the edge off a lacking storyline.
Non participating combatants receive partial EXP.

The Bad:
Grinding gives you little in reward.
You will be GP poor forever: single healing item costs 200gp, single battle early on yields only 35 gp.
Combat seems to take forever.
You can only field 4 total fighters no matter how many are in your corral.
Combos are hard to come by unless you've been hording AP by doing nothing but being raped by wolves for turn after action less turn.

The Ugly:
Story line seems weak. (But what did you expect from a mash up?)
Graphics seem dated (even for sprites).

I think we're going to soldier on and see where th game goes. I 'm hoping it gets better. I'll post again about it when we get 30 hours in or have dropped it. Later!
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