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More E3 thoughts

Dear G4 Next year DO NOT show Ubisoft's Press Conference.

UBISoft Soup gave us:

Assassin's Creed II...FUCK YEAH

Q? and Ubisoft working on a Game together? YES

MEH at everything else Ubisoft was showing.

Red Steel 2- No Blood? PFFT and it's a western now... MEH

Tween Games SUPER MEH

I'm keeping an open mind with Splinter Cell Conviction now though. The older games really bored me and were FUCKING HARD AS FUCKING FUCK FUCK

No More Heroes 2- the 3rd reason of 4 to get a wii


hmm Brutal Legend is going to.. Ahem ROCK!

EA Sports MMA....... I'm not a huge fan of what EA's done, NBA Street was the only sports game of theirs I had
But I'm curious as to how they'll handle this since THQ already has UFC. THERE ARE OTHER MMA Groups so we'll see... I'm not an MMA Fan but I respect MMA Fighters and if it turns out decent I might just check it out.

Crysis 2 on consoles...count me in.....plus I THINK My soon to be new Lappy might beable to run Crysis

APB might be an MMO I can get into, looked great

I'm not fangasaming over Old Republic. Fuckin Nerds

I'd say more but CONAN IS ON!
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