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MS Paint Masterpiece Theatre (Week 2 Winner - Lemon!) Also, Cagematch!


Congrats Lemon! His painting was awesome, and he won with 25% of the votes.

Shortblog this time, as I'm still catching up on E3 hysteria, but speaking of E3, you can't honestly tell me that you didn't see this week's topic coming...

Thats right, ladies and gentlemen and NamelessTed, It's E3! Microsoft completely ruled E3 today with their fantastic conference, and with fanboys abound, bitching about MGS this and Final Fantasy that, it's only suitable that you get your own word in- or should I sauy, picture. So take a couple of seconds and draw an entry for this week's contest. Anything, really- maybe a picture of Olivia Munn, a represenation of your favorite/least favorite thing from E3- anything! As long as it's (even loosely) related to the expo, and made only with MS paint, it's a valid entry. Entries will be valid until this Saturday, at Midnight. Hurrz the rulez.

Also, the poll! Whose MS Paint Masterpiece did you like more? Lemon's or AgentMOOs? I'd give it to my man Lemon, because we citric fruits gotta stick together, but AgentMOO put me in his game. Dilemmas! What do you think guys? Vote in the poll below. The winner of this poll will win the grand prize... for this month, anyway. Poll ends at 6PM tomorrow.

And as one last note- shut the fuck up about Metal Gear Solid on the Xbox 360. Like you didn't fucking see this coming. Jeez. And hurf durf hurf, is not an xbox escluseev- Who gives a shit? Don't say that indignantly, as if it'd be better if it was a Xbox/Playstation exclusive.
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