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Letís face it. Weíre all pumped about Bioshock 2. Why, because Bioshock was awesome and we want more. My apprehension is that the developers don't realize what we need more of. Bioshock didnít succeed for its gameplay alone. The story telling elements and captivating environment were the little of bits of drug that we need another injection of like a shot of Eve.

FPSes were already a tired and saturated Genre when Bioshock hit stores in late 2007, but Bioshock did something a little different. Sure, the controls were smooth like butter on the muffin. Sure, the AI was creepy smart. Sure, itís just plain fun to shoot bees at people, but beating Splicers to death with a wrench while their dancing the dance of insect sting wouldnít have brought the game its acclaim, alone.

Rapture captured us all because of its mystery. We all fell for it when that plane crashed and we played through the introduction long enough to get our first glimpse at a little slice of hell. The wonder about how Utopia, the beautiful city we saw on the way in, became this filled every gamer to enter Rapture. Until, of course, the mystery unraveled through the voices of the living, dead, and long insane.

Everyone who stuck around long enough to see that mystery unravel was dealt with nice ďHoly CrapĒ moment when the storytelling came to its climax and we all realized how damn good of a job the writers had done. I hope Bioshock 2 is up to that challenge.

Anyone to play Bioshock is anxious to get back to Rapture. Itís a fertile environment with limitless potential for more creepiness and beautiful macabre moments. However, I think if Bioshock 2 has only an excellent environment and more entertainment gameplay then it has truly cheated its fan base. It needs to deliver hardcore in the story-telling department. The developers need to dazzle a copycat gaming industry with a focus on a technological innovation with plain good old fashion story telling. At least once more, would you kindly give us plot line that amazes? Would you, Kindly?
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