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As I Gaze into my Crystal Ball the Following will happen at E3

Which are serious, which are jokes? Read on to find out?

-Microsoft announces they've stolen yet ANOTHER game from Sony, Sony Shows off God of War 3.... which is some how announced hours later for the 360...

-Ubi Soft Shows off Killing day...for 360

-Nintendo has another shitty press conference that does NOTHING to appease it's hardcore fanbase. Reggie goes missing and is found weeks later somehow floating down the Mississippi river.

-More fighting game comebacks will be announced. But nobody will care that Zero Divide is coming back. The Previously announced Wii return of Toshinden is met with laughter. The new Darkstalkers HD Remix collection will be met will fangasams worldwide.

-Tatsunoko VS Capcom is multi Platform in the US and adds US exclusive characters.

-PC games will be getting no love this year.

-The PSP Go will be met with MEH's that will be heard all throughout the LA Convention center.

-DOA 5 is announced with a new feature...Wardrobe malfuctions AND for the first time in the history of the series...it will have a coherent story line, No more fighting over vegetables...

-Nintendo's new Wii Suck will be the surprise hit of the show.

-BlazBlue Supra % will be announced as well as it's next upgrade Blazblue Double# both games are just mild gameplay tweeks with Boss Ragina playable, they still will retail full price.

-1500 FPS games for 360 will be unveiled....nobody gives a shit cuz all anyone plays on 360 is Call of Duty and Halo anyway.

-Inspite of the controversy and uproar RAPElay is coming to XBLA and PSN.

-Somehow someway the gaming gods allow Deathsmiles to come the US...Konami are still dicks and Deny the west Otomedius.

-Digdug CE is the next Namco classic to come XBLA

-Somehow someway Sony will unveil something will make PSN equal with XBLA...and the crowd goes mild.

-Capcom's 2nd mystery game will be a new Strider.

-The biggest RPG of the show...will be for PS2

-Sega shows off 20 new sonic games nobody gives a shit about...none of them are a Mega Man 9 styled Sonic 4

-Lara Croft will be in western Versions of Final Fantasy XIII this will be shown during Microsoft's press event.

-Chronos Me (not me but somebody named me) and that other douche will leave a comment about how fail this is...I ignore them.

-Square also annouces they're shutting down production of a Final Fantasy VI Remake they have sent out cease and desist letters......and it's THEIR OWN DS REMAKE they're shutting down, only because Fans of VI are making it.

-Oprah has a game annouced for Wii.......her zombies will make it the best selling game ever.

-then the dark lord rises and the world ends.

-Hardcore game of show will be Bayonetta or Assassin's Creed 2

-Game of show for the mainstream drones will either be Halo 3 ODST or some causal Wii game nobody gives a shit about.
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