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Durga AI's E3 09 Wishlist


I've noticed recently, along with the many game websites, there's a lot of DTOID bloggers doing E3 predictions. Of course some of these predictions are mental to me, PS3 Slim? I really don't see it happening but what's wrong with wishful thinking, so I'm gonna make my own wishlist. These wishes are, hopefully, within reason and fairly possible, I'm not gonna put down the impossible. So here goes....

1 - Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360

NO! Don't you roll your eyes, thinking "Oh Christ, not this again!", I'd love Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Xbox 360, it means I'll finally be able to play it properly! To be honest I really can't afford a PS3, I'd love one of course but it's just a bit too steep for me especially when I only want to play this and Killzone, Anyways think of it, a Substance/Subsistence style update playing on the lovely Microsoft hardware and taking advantage of Xbox Live for the online play. Yep before you say anything . It's a dream and the rumours still won't die so hey....why the hell not, come on Kojima, give us poor people a break.....

2 - Nintendo gets back in to form (with the hardcore audience)

I loooooove Nintendo, ever since I got my Gameboy they could do no wrong with me.....until the Wii and that seems the case with most long-time Nintendo fans. With the introduction of name family friendly games such as Wii Fit and Wii Sport, Nintendo has gained lots of casual fans and seemed to forget about their older IPs thus losing even their most hardcore fans. Sure we got Super Mario Galaxy, Zelda and Smash Bros but it hasn't quenched out thirst, we neeeeeeed moooorrrree! More Pikmin. More Starfox. More F-Zero. Hell, more Luigi's Mansion! And please Nintendo, don't dumb the games down for the casual gamers, Smash Bros Brawl just didn't feel right...

3 - Another Conker game

Rare's rude and insulting pride and joy, Conker is begging for a sequal. This is was, and still is, one of my favourite Xbox games, it looked amazing especially with the lower end hardware, and was such a faithful remake. The multiplayer part of the game was even good (a long way from the orginal multiplayer), how knew you could make such a deep multiplayer mode from a story about a talking Squirel and killer teddy bears.

There's been talk about it before and a sequal seems about right for this E3, we've been bogged down with a lot of shooters and RPGs of late and what we need is a platformer/adventure game on the Xbox, something with blue skies, green grass and poo monsters.

4 - Microsoft taking more advantage of the Avatars

You know it, I know it, 1 Vs 100 is not enough. I think Avatars, even though seen as a copy of Miis, are great, they look great, are made by Rare (quality guaranteed) and have great potential, developers just need to take advantage of them. Maybe something like Home could work, no not a copy but just kind of MMO space to us the Avatars in, of all companies that could do it Microsoft could do it.

5 - The Orange Box Xbox 360 Update

Yep, may not seem like much but when your PC can't handle a game that well, a console release of a great PC title is a god send. This is the case with Orange Box, it's great on the Xbox 360, just exactly what the doctor ordered, problem? No updates! I want to play Team Fortress 2 with all the updates the PC version got, I'll pay for it if I have to, please Valve?

6 - Sega gets back in to form (with the hardcore audience)*

SEEEGGGAAA. Remember that? I do. I heard it probably every days for 3 or 4 years when switching on my Sega Mega Drive to play Sonic the Hedgehog 3. You see unlike most people on gaming sites I never had a NES, I guess I was born a little late for them to still be popular and Sega was a bit more popular in the UK compared to the US, so I ended up choosing a Mega Drive. For years I stuck with Sega, up to the Dreamcast and even when they started just selling games, but as Sonic went down the shitter and Sega slowed down their console games, my love for Sega went away. I long for Sega to book up it ideas and maybe this E3 it could surprise us all a do just that, all the IPs are there...ready for another chance.

*Pardon me, I was watching Control when writing this which is a little depressing

Anyways, there you have it, think any of these have a chance? Hopefully......
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