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E3 Prognostications


E3 is upon us once again, and it appears to be starting to revert back to what it once was. It's probably the oddest time for that to happen, given the current economic state, but there's not much we can really do about that. However, there's something else that comes along with E3: prediction and prognostication! I may not be Michael Pachter or Madame Christine, but I figured I could cook up my own set of guestimations for this year's conference. And so, after sitting around on my ass for about an hour, trying to think up all the things that could and could not happen this year, I came up with the following list of things to anticipate.

No magic crystal balls, no Spacecat needed. Here are my predictions for E3 this year:


- Halo 3: ODST is shown in playable form. We get a bit more info on the game play, but no further notes on the actual story.
- Forza 3 is announced. It is a 2-disc game with 500 cars, 100 tracks, and online racing for up to 20. My head explodes. So does Alex's.
- Peter Molyneux emerges to announce a new game, and itís not Fable III. Heck, itís not even related to Fable: itís a MMO title set in the future thatís an Xbox 360 exclusive. I miss the rest of it because I'm too busy chatting with Alex about how awesome Forza 3 is going to be and who is going to beat who.
- Microsoft gives us our yearly reminder that Alan Wake still exists and is in development.
- Microsoft unveils their new camera-tracking technology and peripheral. The games press and the Internet at large is not sure what to make of it.
- The new Zune HD handheld is revealed to be able to connect wirelessly with the Xbox 360 via a new adapter. It will have itís own place on the Xbox Live Marketplace for downloadable titles. Also, custom soundtracks will now be available for many games.
- In a surprise, former Microsoft Game Studios head Peter Moore appears to talk about Madden 10ís new co-op mode and how itíll work on Xbox Live. And to announce custom soundtracks for Madden 10 on the Xbox 360 via the Zune HD.
- Metal Gear Solid 4. Xbox 360. Spacecat smiles.
- Perfect Dark is announced for Xbox Live Arcade, followed by another Rare-related announcement: Killer Instinct 3 is real and itís coming in 2010.


- The next Zelda game is revealed. It is not the steampunk title everyone has been wishing for, but a full-fledged console sequel to Wind Waker. It will be compatible with the new DS title, Spirit Tracks and has a totally new style for saving game files.
- Much to my absolute chagrin, there is NO announcement of F-Zero Wii. I cry bitterly and throw things across the room in a fit of rage.
- Wii Fit Plus is announced to everyoneís shock. Oh wait, to nobodyís shock. The new feature this time around? The game knows what youíre eating at any time and will text you to let you know, you fat piece of shit.
- New Pikmin for Wii. Chadís squeals are audible from 20 miles away.
- 75% of the conference will be used to show off Wii MotionPlus.
- Wii Sports Resort makes another appearance and we get to see the returning tennis and golf games.
- No More Heroes 2 is shown off on stage. Itís as awesome as the trailer leads us to believe.
- DSi Virtual Console gets announced. First games to be released are Linkís Awakening, Super Mario Land, Pokemon Red and Blue and Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins. It launches simultaneously around the world in July.
- New Star Fox coming at an unreleased date in the future. Same character models from Smash Bros. Brawl will be used. Slippy is still annoying as hell.
- Compared to last yearís show, more third-parties get a chance to shine. Namely, High Voltage Software, who show off all three of their titles and announced that The Grinder and Gladiator A.D. are both being published by Sega as well.
- Dead Space: Extraction appears in the conference at some point.
- Mother 3, as it turns out, is coming to North America on the DSi, along with the original Mother, in a bundle cart, mostly due to fan desire. Expect it late 2010. No EarthBound, though.
- After much speculation, Made in Ore! Is announced for a North American release on the DSi.
- And the biggest shocker of all: Nintendo announces they are making a new Pokemon RPG. For the Wii. In full 3D glory. Place goes nuts.


- The PSP Go! is go. While it looks cool, hands-on reviews of the handheld at E3 are much more lukewarm.
- A PS3 price drop is not announced. The PS3 Slim is shown in photo form, but it will not be available until early 2010.
- Cross-game/party chat is finally fixed. There is much rejoicing.
- Gran Turismo 5 is shown, but is still not playable in final retail form. Forza 3 will beat it out to the marketplace this holiday season.
- God of War III and M.A.G. form the core of Sonyís press conference, with both games getting the most time out of all titles.
- Uncharted 2 and Twisted Metal videos are shown off to the crowd. Only one of the two is actually playable at the show.
- Team Icoís game is shown. Everyone falls in love with it immediately.
- The biggest surprise of all is saved for last, as Sucker Punch reveals they have been working on Sly Cooper 4 all along and it will be out this holiday season. Oh, and it looks absolutely gorgeous.
- Well, that would be the biggest surprise, until Sony announces that they just signed a deal to make BioShock 2 a PS3 timed exclusive for 18 months.


- Activisionís Tony Hawk Ride is playable. It sucks. DJ Hero, on the other hand, is a bit better than expected. Modern Warfare 2, though, is the spotlight stealer.
- Mass Effect 2 gets a huge chunk of time at EAís presser. I nearly pass out from the amazing. And Shepard DIES.
- Valve does not announce Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or a Left 4 Dead sequel. Instead, they announce a full-fledged Portal 2, with levels taking place outside Aperture Sciences.
- Capcom resurrects Breath of Fire. Atlus announces Persona 5. RPG fans everywhere rejoice.
- Square Enix shows a bunch of RPG and action titles with characters that look like they fell out of Final Fantasy. That is, except Final Fantasy XIII, which features a cast designed less like past games. During an interview, someone permanently kills off the idea of a Final Fantasy VII remake. Rejoicing RPG fans suddenly cry like babies.
- Take Two announces Duke Nukem will return. They will be making the games themselves after buying the entire franchise rights for only $10 million.
- Warner Bros. closes their deal for Midway, announce new Mortal Kombat and Blitz: The League titles.
- Michael Bay announces heís making a video game. Itís called ďExplosions!!!Ē
- Konami announces a new Rocket Knight Adventures for WiiWare.
- Somehow, in all of the madness, Split/Second by Blackrock Studio emerges as a darkhorse candidate for Best in Show. Criterion and EA take note: theyíve got company.
- Someone from Destructoid ends up streaking through the streets of LA naked in the big green helmet. It later turns out to be a drunk Jim Sterling.

So sayeth the Tiger. And it shall be done.
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