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I'm looking forward to E3, but I'm glad as hell not to be there

E3's return to it's bloated, over the top glory next week is really welcome. I like the idea of gaming getting exposure on traditional media outlets and, I also like excuses to post pics of booth babes. Hell, even a coked-out Rose McGowan on GTtv is fun in a surreal kind of way. They really should have just gotten Tricia Helfer to do the co-hosting with Geoff Keighly, she's got way more cred with me, and she makes my goolies do sommersaults.

But I've always gleaned one very clear impression of E3 from the journalists and bloggers over the years; it looks like a butt-load of hard work. Lining up for hours on end to get a hands on with a new edition of a game you may not care about because your readers are desperate for it? Imagine having to choose between the line up for Modern Warfare 2 or Wii's Sport's Resort if you have a large number of new readers who are casual enthusiasts? I've also read that the PR and hype BS for this thing is crazy too. My favourite moment from last year is Reggie F. Aime saying with a straight face that Animal Crossing is Nintendo's reaction to the "Core's" thirst for games. Now Animal Crossing is a fun pseudo-rpg experience; but hardcore it is not.

So have fun guys and gals, I look forward to the tweets and updates, I look forward to any Legend of Zelda Wii and God of War 3 news, and most of all I look forward to just sitting with my laptop or my iPhone in comfort while you poor sods have to slog through the masses and nonesense. Now, enough feeling Brad's biceps and get to work!
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