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Trauma Team needs more nipping, tucking


Faithful to Atlus as I am, I haven't been the greatest fan of the Trauma Center games. Trauma Center was so difficult that even dual-wielding styli failed to bring me victory (I eventually had to cheat using an R4), which soured me on Trauma Center 2. I was intrigued by Second Opinion and New Blood, but the relative imprecision of the Wii's controls again exacerbated my lack of motor skills to the point of defeat.

That said, the announcement of Trauma Team has me excited. "But why," you might ask. "These games are your nemesis. Why repeat the horror?" Why, indeed. The reason why is that despite my failure to not suck at playing the Trauma Center games, I feel that Atlus has constructed Trauma Team with me in mind. No, I'm not talking about how the controls will (presumably) be improved, making it easier for a person with less hand-eye-coordination than a blind man without hands, or of adjustable difficulty, present in every game since the first. I'm talking about how I took a survey.

A few months ago, Atlus sent me a detailed survey that included many questions about what I wanted to be included in a hypothetical future Trauma Center title. And with the announcement of Trauma Team's features, it was like they added in gameplay options for every role I asked for: diagnostician, paramedic, and all those other things in addition to boring old Surgeon-With-Mysterious-Time-Dilation-Powers. They gave me pretty much everything I wanted, save one.

I also wanted plastic surgery. You might have inferred it already from the header and title, but I'd have liked some plastic surgery ala Nip/Tuck, sans the "our lives are a moral sewer," bit. Given the noble nature of the doctor's actions in any of the titles, this plastic surgery would probably be reconstructive, but I wouldn't have minded putting in an implant or two.

About the main drawback I imagine would be the Wii's lack of power. Even current-gen console power hasn't filled in the uncanny valley, and it would be likely a face reconstructed, in that anime style, would still look kind of freakish. Taking it further, reattaching amputated limbs or robot limbs or something would be pretty hot.

So what do you think? Would you have minded injecting some botulism rather than that magic healing formula every so often? Or would you have simply preferred a game adaptation of House?

Personally, I wouldn't like a House game. I can be a dick in real life and in games with a moral choice system, I don't need to pretend to be Dr. House to do it.

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