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Famitsu's 360 hype page promotes attractive characters


While fooling around on the Famitsu website looking for interesting leaks, I stumbled on an ad campaign that is probably old news to feed readers: a "We Support Xbox 360!" highlight page, this month featuring upcoming games with (according to Google Translate) "captivating/attractive characters".

For those unwilling to click das hyperlinken, some captures:

First, a look at Magna Carta 2, the 360-exclusive sequel to the wildly popular PS2 RPG, and featuring the midriff-tastic character designs of Korean artist Hyung-tae Kim,

Following were shots of everyone's favorite sexy British-accented hair-wearing superheroine, Bayonetta. While technically not 360-exclusive, she's still hot and attractive.

Dream C Club was also prominently displayed, quite the coup for the platform, which also boasted control of the wildly popular Idolmaster franchise. The adorable character designs ran the moe spectrum, though personally I could never "get" the characters with that one-pigtail hairstyle.

The 360 port of the visual novel Time Leap intrigued me, as the PC-version benchmarking tool features a fantastic dance sequence. It also involves time travel. Does this mean you can date two versions of the same character? Because that would be awesome. Dynamic cel-shaded graphics made me think of what Valkyria Chronicles would look like if it were an eroge. Mmmm...

Thereafter came another visual novel port whose English subtitle, "Kiss on my Deity," is the best English subtitle ever. Also, those eyes are HUGE. Like, Kanon huge. It looks almost anachronistic.

Then there was Memories Off: 6 Next Relation, another visual novel whose main character seems almost illegally similar to Haruhi Suzumiya. That's actually kind of a draw for me.

But of course, Famitsu saved the best for last, punctuating the substantial list with a much anticipated title, Gears of War 2, an amazing visual novel about love blooming on the battlefield, even in the face of extinction. The fresh-faced soldiers of Delta Squad proved strong in both body and heart, not letting vile aliens trample the spirit of positivity and new beginnings.

I'm quite jealous, really.
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