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A look at the Gameboy Advance Afterburner



As you can see the Afterburner greatly improves upon the visibilty of the old Advance, there are some problems with it though, first thing, Nintendo never designed the screen for this kind of thing so you get a bit of a washed look to it while playing. It's not a problem but after using the DS a couple of year you really notice it, I'm pretty sure you can see it in the pictures. Secondly, there is alot of reflection on the screen, I'm not sure if this is the case with other Afterburner fitted Gameboys, it could that mine doesn't have the anti-reflection film on it.

Was it worth the money? In my opinion, yes, if not for the brighter screen but also for it being a collectors item, these things are getting rarer and I love Nintendo. Of course it could never beat the Advance SP's brighter screen but if I want the screen to be that bright I'll just get an SP.
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