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Refused Classification Podcast, for Aussie Dtoiders - Episode 5 records tonight with special guest Ali D!


Chk Chk, BOOM! Oh lawls.

Episode 5, god damn we're persistent aren't we? Well since we're on a roll we've decided not to record alone tonight, no not this time. We have fellow aussie Ali D joining us, and by aussie I actually mean Ali D is a scotsman, and a bearded scotsman at that! Fuck yeah!
Despite his scottish heritage he lives in Australia now so that's good enough for us to bring him on to the show.

In tonight's episode we will discuss Australian characters in games and how well/horrible their representations of our fine country are. We will also talk a little bit about E3 (since everybody else is doing it) and why most of our game shows pale in comparison.

Any other Aussie topics we can squeeze a conversation out of will also be covered, and we once again will answer whatever questions you have for us. So don't forget to post your most thought-provoking questions, or just ask us dumb shit, either way we're very easy to please.

Come on all you Aus-Curious folk, we will happily answer anything you throw at us. ...and for the record yes we all ride kangaroos and wear koalas for backpacks. In fact I'm using a possum to write this blog right now.

Okay, make with the askie while we prepare to make with the talkie.

Announcement: We will be posting episode 5 and subsequent episodes on our shiny and new Refused Classification Dtoid profile so it's easy to keep track of all our episodes and such. We also have a nice list of past episodes there if you're feeling nostalgic. So add our new profile to keep up to date on our latest ramblings.

Your hosts for this evening shall be;
Puppy Licks
Mr Dillinger
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