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Since We're on the Subject of Video Game Music

There seem to be several blogs out there currently about people's favorite game music, and I've wanted to do a post about one of my favorite games and its soundtrack for a while, so now seems like a perfect time to do it.

Mega Man X for the SNES. The minute this game loaded up and I was thrust into the intro stage, I knew that I was going to experience exhilaration like never before. A seemingly faster paced Mega Man with a music track that made me feel every bit like the savior that the Blue Bomber is? What is there not to like?!

Little did I know that this seemingly awesome gameplay was merely a taste of what Capcom was about to throw at me. Somehow my young mind knew that Chill Penguin was the logical choice for the easiest Maverick, so I dove into the ice stage first.

Shortly into the level, I was bestowed with a leg upgrade allowing X to dash. This singular upgrade completely changed the game. Comparing it to the classic Mega Man games was now almost inaccurate due to the radical speed X now had.

The rest of the game is awesome, but honestly none of the upgrades or weapons grabbed from here on out really changed the game that drastically for me. BUT THIS WAS A GOOD THING. With the wall slide and the dash jump, there really wasn't anything else necessary. The bosses for the most part were a blast to fight and all the levels were unique. In classic Mega Man fashion, fighting the last boss (Sigma in this case) was a multiple level, multiple boss fight ordeal, and they were appropriately difficult. If I have one complaint, its that the added speed should have compelled them to make some bigger stages. At the time, when I was new to it, they were appropriately long, but now that I have some experience, no stage takes more than a few minutes.

Only one thing was necessary to place this already awesome game in my list of classics, and that was the soundtrack. The soundtrack uses mostly typical rock instrument sounds (guitar, bass, and drums), but uses them to great effect to create tracks that are always full of energy and adrenaline. Throughout the entire game, I never entered a stage and wasn't instantly hyped by the music.

Spark Mandrill is by far my favorite. It was the most awesome guitar track I had heard in a video game at that point and my unpopped guitar solo cherry was savagely ravaged by this track. From that point on I was addicted to the guitar track in all genres of music and have never looked back.

Another awesome track is the Armored Armadillo stage. This song set the mood perfectly for a stage that had you speeding through a mine on a death cart, destroying all Mavericks in your path, ending in a huge jump across a chasm straight into the Armored Armadillo's chamber. Ahhhh, what a great stage and a great track to listen to while playing though it.

In closing, here's an ocremix track by Protricity that incorporates most of the tracks on the soundtrack into a heavier arrangement.

PS: Why the fuck is it so hard to figure out what the proper sizing is for embedding pics??? I ended up sizing what I wanted to be seen to 550px but adding enough white space to make the image 620px... Seriously??
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