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STFUAJPM (The 'M' stands for music)

For as long as I can remember, there have been two mediums that have greatly influenced my life. Music, and Video games. My love for each is indescribable, as I'm sure most people in the Destructoid community feel the same way. I can go for years listening to the same set of my favorite albums, as I can replay my favorite games until I die. I've spent my whole life playing instruments, performing concerts, recording and releasing albums, and collecting records. And at the same time, I've spent my entire life, buying consoles and cartridges, playing games, and even attempting to create my own.

As most of us know, there is a large crossover between the two mediums. My favorite area that the both have in common is game music. More specifically, chip music. Music made from the archaic and forgotten video game consoles of yore. My first console was the Atari 2600, and I'll never forget the sounds it blasted at me through my parents' television.

Another of my favorite aspects to both mediums is the ability to share your obsessions with others. It's just as easy to nerd out on your favorite band, as it is to do the same with your favorite game series. One common method of sharing your favorite music with people is to make them mix tapes.

I can't explain how much I love to make mix tapes for friends (yes... on cassette. I'm a dinosaur). I have even gone to great lengths by making special packaging to encase the themed mixes. I've made them for friends. I've made them for girlfriends. I even made a mix tape that tricked this one particular girl into falling in love with me, and then into marrying me. But when moving into the digital age, where cassette decks, and CDs have become nearly obsolete, I've wondered how I can continue to make music compilations for others to hear some really great tunes.

My first reaction was to create a podcast, but without the resources to host large files, it's hard to make the 120 minute long 'mega-mixes' that I used to.

So, here I am wanting to make mixes for people, while being unable to host huge files. Thus, I've decided to create a tiny 'mix tape' series that includes some of my favorite chiptune artists. It's titled STFUAJPGM.

The 'M' stands for music.

Each episode will contain links to the artist's site where you can get their track / album for free. All the songs contained in each episode have been previously released by the artist without cost to the listener. (That's another one of the great parts of the chiptune scene: so many artists are making their music simply for the love of it and release their albums for free for all to enjoy). I simply want to spread my love for this music, and hopefully expose some people listening to some truly incredible stuff.

For all the folks who already listen to a lot of chiptune stuff, I bet you'll here some classics. But maybe you'll be able to hear a particular track in a different way, as each episode will explore a certain theme (in 10 minutes or less).

I would love to have this series be community driven. Each episode will be no more than 10 minutes, and will be accompanied by an article pertaining to the particular week's theme. And possibly some related images. Want to contribute? Want to write an article? Do some pixel art? Have ideas for good themes? Know any killer chiptune artists? PM me or email stfuajpgm >at< crystallabs >dot< com

I take no credit for this music, and make no money by hosting it. I simply want others to enjoy it as much as I do!

Follow This link to check it out.
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