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Bionic Commando review


Despite how angry I got with the game, the music always got me in the mood to kick ass. Remixed versions of songs from the original game appear throughout the title. During combat sequences, this epic, heroic version of the theme song would always cue and I don�t care if I�ve heard it for the 100th time, it impassioned me to keep striving. In addition to the music, the voice acting is pretty solid, despite never caring for the story.

Overall, Bionic Commando is a frustrating single player experience. There is an online multiplayer mode to give players a little deathmatch action, but it�s more of a diversion if anything. The game has some interesting gameplay mechanics, but poor design choices make this title a definite rental and a possible motivation for me going homicidal in the future.

Score: 3/5
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