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2 Years of Gaming (Intro Post)


If you had 2 years to do nothing but game, what would you do?

I'm about to find out.

I'm Mike, - an avid long time D-Toid reader, sparse contributor (until now). My life in the states consisted of running my small comic store in Daytona Beach,FL - goofing off and playing video games. I recently sold my shop and moved to Grenada (a small island in the Caribbean) with my fiancee. While she studies veterinary medicine, I goof off on the beach and play video games in a rum induced stupor (not so much change). I can definitely think of worse ways to spend my mid twenties.

Big fan of games I can obsess over (former WoW/MMO addict). The more complex and time consuming the better. Been a PC gamer since I was 4, with a smattering of consoles along the way. Gaming on an island is an interesting hurdle, as I'm basically stuck with what I can find at the small shops on the island ($90 US for Fable 2 anyone?) and an agonizingly slow import process.

I will endeavor to not suck, and do my damnedest to contribute some small nuance that was previously missing in this community.

Also, cocks.
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