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A shout-out from that little GirlGamer. :3

So, hey! :D

I have been forced by my own will to join this site by Awesomeist and Doomsday Forte !

But yeah; My name is Shauni Maple, I am 18yrs and I have been playing games for 15yrs, thanks to my Dad. xD And my interest in playing games and drawing has pushed me to do a University Course in Games Design. I will be attending that course in September 2009 til 2012! <3 I can't wait ^_^

The kind of games that I like are RPGs, Point-and-click, Adventure, Platformers, Puzzle, and Rhythm Games.
Classic games such as Grim Fandango and Curse of Monkey Island are some of my favourite games! <3 However I also love Final Fantasy (I have played every game, and 100% many of them), Kingdom Hearts, Phoenix Wright, Proffessor Layton, Rhythm Paradise, Elite Beat Agents, RockBand/Guitar Hero, etc. I have owned many many consoles, but I am currently playing my DS, XBox360 and Playstation 3. The wii got boring about a year ago...

Other than playing games, I love watching Anime, reading Manga, drawing, hanging out with my boyfriend and friends, and attending Anime conventions <3. I am a fan of cosplaying. ;3
I also have a HUGE interest in Japanese culture and Japan in general; I recently returned from my first trip to Japan with my College. It was Amazing, and Akihabara was just AMAZING and Geek-Central; it was literally heaven for me.

One thing I hate though, is the fact I can't find any fellow Girl Gamers! :P So, by joining this I hope to post reviews about games, and whatnot, but I wanna make lots of Gaming Friends! ^_^

So yeah, this is me, and a little bit about my crazy life. ;3
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About Misstawniione of us since 7:59 AM on 05.22.2009

Well, my name is Shauni Maple. I am 20yrs of age. AND I FUCKING LOVE GAMES.

I've been playing video games since the age of three, and to this day I am constantly playing games; I am a hardcore fan of RPGs and JRPGs. However I do like classic point-and-click games, like Grim Fandango, Curse of monkey Island. Diskworld is pretty neat too. I have played every Final Fantasy game, and beaten 1 through 10-2. ;3 (Some 100%). And my boyfriend has gotten me into rhythm games like, DDR, Elite Beat Agents, etc etc.

The consoles I've own/ed are:
-Sega Megadrive
-Nintendo 64
-Playstation X
-Playstation 2 & PS2 Slim
-Gameboy colour
-Gameboy Advance
-Gameboy Advance SP
-Gameboy Micro
-DS Lite
-Xbox 360
-Playstation 3

... I think that is all of them. xD

My favourite Games are: Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts Series, Eternal Sonata, Tales of saga, Chrono Trigger, any Mario games, Phoenix Wright Series, Pokemon <3, Grim Fandango, Sims, Rockband/Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto, etc etc.

But yeah, living in the UK is fun, due to being able to do Games Design at Bolton University <3 Game releases can be awful over here though!

Aswell as loving video games, I love anime, manga, drawing and anything Japanese really. :P I also love my wonderful Boyfriend of 4yrs and 5months, who is doing Computer Software and Development at Bolton University.
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