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A love, I must confess...

I must confess, my love

Hey Dtoid! This is my first blog on the site, and I�d like to share something that might sound crazy and ridiculous. I love the Metal Gear series. Ok, that�s not crazy at all, in fact a healthy signal of good taste in videogames. I should explain rather, why it is that I love the series. The source of this love, among many, is Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP. Ok, now you may overreact.

I didn�t become familiar, or had even heard of Metal Gear prior to the portable game. That�s right, I didn�t know about Snake, the infamous nuclear equipped bipedal walking tanks, or the various friends and foes that make up the games. �Have you been living under a rock for most of your life?� some of you may be getting to respond. Please, allow me to explain.

It begins with me not having access to a console that could play any of the MGS games until the PSP. Meaning that I didn�t own or have access to a MSX, NES, PS1, PS2, Xbox or Gamecube until recently. �That rock home of yours is becoming more and more plausible�� is what may be going through your minds at the moment. Lets add the fact that I come from a lower middle class family, making videogames a rare luxury I could only get a taste of from friends and relatives. The only consoles I had in my youth were a Sega Genesis, and a Gameboy Color. Not to mention, I only owned a few games for those systems altogether.

The years passed on and I became more involved videogame wise. Well, this may not seem like much, being 2005 at the time, but I was a teen so it was big deal. That�s when I bought a PSP. I�d like to add that most of friends had a DS and urged me to get one as well, but there was something erotically appealing to the PSP. It seemed like a door of opportunities to all kinds of fun just waiting to happen, if specs were to be believed. Did I mention I�m notoriously optimistic? Anyways, the first game I bought was MGA. Funny thing is, I thought the game was something else during my purchase. �Metal Gear, that sounds cool, I guess I�ll get that� is what I thought. The cover portrays a bulky dude with a big gun and a bandana, and a sexy chick in a funny pose with a gun as well. SOLD! I�m thinking it was going to be a third-person shooter, not a turn based strategy card game.


Metal Gear Ac!d made me love MGS. Which is weird in many ways, considering how different it is from the canon games. By the time I had finished the game, I wanted more. I wanted to learn more about Snake and his adventures. In MGA, you could read basic bios on specific characters and item cards. When you read things like �Cyborg Ninja�, �the Fury� and �Stealth camouflage�, you get interested. Little did I know about the intricate story behind any of this.

I tried playing MGS3 for a while and was instantly hooked. I was completely shocked at the quality of the game. I only played it for a short while and still wanted to beat the game. I eventually bought MGS: The Twin Snakes for the Gamecube I received from a cousin. Hooked on it, I was, becoming one of my favorite games of the console. Then I played and loved MGS2 and finally beat Snake Eater. In just a few years, I engulfed myself in anything Metal Gear related I could get my hands on.

It is strange, how this series eventually got to me. Had it not been for that day at the shop when I just happened to look at MGA, I wouldn�t have turned into much of a gamer, writing this now. Destiny? Maybe. I�m just hoping I can get a PS3 and a copy of MGS4. I heard many good things about it, dodging as many spoilers as I can (its tough with a site with this).

So, there; a little secret of mine. Well, not so much now.
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