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A love, I must confess...

I must confess, my love

Hey Dtoid! This is my first blog on the site, and I’d like to share something that might sound crazy and ridiculous. I love the Metal Gear series. Ok, that’s not crazy at all, in fact a healthy signal of good taste in videogames. I should explain rather, why it is that I love the series. The source of this love, among many, is Metal Gear Ac!d for the PSP. Ok, now you may overreact.

I didn’t become familiar, or had even heard of Metal Gear prior to the portable game. That’s right, I didn’t know about Snake, the infamous nuclear equipped bipedal walking tanks, or the various friends and foes that make up the games. “Have you been living under a rock for most of your life?” some of you may be getting to respond. Please, allow me to explain.

It begins with me not having access to a console that could play any of the MGS games until the PSP. Meaning that I didn’t own or have access to a MSX, NES, PS1, PS2, Xbox or Gamecube until recently. “That rock home of yours is becoming more and more plausible…” is what may be going through your minds at the moment. Lets add the fact that I come from a lower middle class family, making videogames a rare luxury I could only get a taste of from friends and relatives. The only consoles I had in my youth were a Sega Genesis, and a Gameboy Color. Not to mention, I only owned a few games for those systems altogether.

The years passed on and I became more involved videogame wise. Well, this may not seem like much, being 2005 at the time, but I was a teen so it was big deal. That’s when I bought a PSP. I’d like to add that most of friends had a DS and urged me to get one as well, but there was something erotically appealing to the PSP. It seemed like a door of opportunities to all kinds of fun just waiting to happen, if specs were to be believed. Did I mention I’m notoriously optimistic? Anyways, the first game I bought was MGA. Funny thing is, I thought the game was something else during my purchase. “Metal Gear, that sounds cool, I guess I’ll get that” is what I thought. The cover portrays a bulky dude with a big gun and a bandana, and a sexy chick in a funny pose with a gun as well. SOLD! I’m thinking it was going to be a third-person shooter, not a turn based strategy card game.


Metal Gear Ac!d made me love MGS. Which is weird in many ways, considering how different it is from the canon games. By the time I had finished the game, I wanted more. I wanted to learn more about Snake and his adventures. In MGA, you could read basic bios on specific characters and item cards. When you read things like “Cyborg Ninja”, “the Fury” and “Stealth camouflage”, you get interested. Little did I know about the intricate story behind any of this.

I tried playing MGS3 for a while and was instantly hooked. I was completely shocked at the quality of the game. I only played it for a short while and still wanted to beat the game. I eventually bought MGS: The Twin Snakes for the Gamecube I received from a cousin. Hooked on it, I was, becoming one of my favorite games of the console. Then I played and loved MGS2 and finally beat Snake Eater. In just a few years, I engulfed myself in anything Metal Gear related I could get my hands on.

It is strange, how this series eventually got to me. Had it not been for that day at the shop when I just happened to look at MGA, I wouldn’t have turned into much of a gamer, writing this now. Destiny? Maybe. I’m just hoping I can get a PS3 and a copy of MGS4. I heard many good things about it, dodging as many spoilers as I can (its tough with a site with this).

So, there; a little secret of mine. Well, not so much now.
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