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ATLUS F*CK YEAH - Demon's Souls comin' stateside!


I am now completely happy with my decision to move Atlus to the top of my "Favorite Publishers" listing, because they did the American gaming world ANOTHER massive favor by doing what From Software didn't have the balls to do: bring the best hardcore action-RPG of this hardware generation over to this side of the Pacific.

While I and other import-happy compatriots, on Dtoid and elsewhere, have already had the chance to play, many of you have not.

Now - thanks to Atlus, one of the best publishers ever - you, too, can have the chance to experience face-eating terror in one of the most satisfying games around.

And no, I'm not just some fanboy. I'm a fanboy with facts. If you're just looking for numbers, look at Eurogamer's. My baby got a 9/10! Also, Bam! And Bam!

Despite my already knowing that the game was available in English via the Asian/Chinese release, and rather competently translated at that - I am now incredibly excited that Atlus is handling this. Should they decide to re-localize the game - a job that they are incredibly good at - they could apply the same kind of loving care and spirit that they have to their other releases, including hardcore dungeon-crawlers like Etrian Odyssey and The Dark Spire.

American Atlus nerds, celebrate! You can start dying repeatedly and painfully soon!

Jim, if you're reading this, take the plunge! If nothing else it'll be better than Ninja Blade.

Come to think of it, does this mean I can earn my trophies twice?!
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