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LATE NIGHT LULZ�: Stanley Hudson Looks Like Doc Louis


[in an attempt to not make this another one sentence blog, and retain the classiness the King of LNLs, Asian Beef Man, had in his posts, I'm going to try my best to make these like actual posts.]

Fans of Punch-Out! will definitely remember Doc Louis, Mac's mentor of sorts. Though famous for a multitude of reasons, the internet brought him out of obscurity in late 2006 with the "n*gger stole my bike meme" depicting the scene in Punch-Out! where Doc Louis forces Mac to run behind him while on a bike.

Fans of good television will also recognize Stanley Hudson, the calm employee of the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin, who loves crosswords, hates Michael Scott, and has a bad heart and crushes his wife during sex. But the question is- can you tell them apart?

Courtesy of Tazar and TotallyLooksAlike.com, we have this side by side comparison of the two, and if necessary, Stanley Hudson could play Doc Louis in a live-action adaptation of the game. Hell, Doc Louis could be mistaken for a sprite for an NES version of The Office.
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