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Nanako is the best child in gaming.


And that's not just because I'm biased towards Persona 4. I have yet to see a child character that's as endearing as Nanako Dojima. Far too often video game children are either overly precocious (Ken Amada of Persona 3) or disgustingly immature (Iris of Sakura Taisen), or simply absent (Oblivion). And if they're present at all, they're invincible (most every game since the original Fallout). Nanako manages to strike that just-right balance between the two.

My only problem in proving this fact was that I didn't have the visuals to back it up. I do now. Watch as I dramatically lengthen the vertical scroll of this page with Nanakoto!

Basically, it's a Persona 4-themed parody of Kyohiko Azuma's Yostubato! (aka Yostuba&!). Having created Azumanga Daioh, Azuma decided to follow the adventures of a spacy girl in a different age group. A fan took this to heart and applied it to Persona 4 It's almost scary how "right" it seems.

Inconsequential spoilers ahead.

I almost died after this scene played out the first time in-game.

If only Dojima and your interactions happened more often in the daytime.

For some reason Adachi/Dojima fanart and 'shipping is obscenely common.

There are several incidences like this over the course of the game itself. All are very vividly described.

Also those animations where she answers the phone.
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