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B-Radicate has a Surprise, Bitches!

So, I know I haven't been very active on Dtoid as of late, but I am still alive. Also, I have a huge surprise.

That was one of the top Google responses for the word, surprise. I swear to you.

Anywho, the big surprise is that I will be attending this year's E3. That's right. I managed to get a ticket through work (my firm consults for some of the larger developers), so I will be out there the Sunday before and I'll be there all week.

I'm hoping that I'll finally get a chance to meet some of the awesome editors of this lovely site and anyone else who somehow managed to get tickets themselves. Please PM me if you're attending and want to meet up for some game playing or drinking or what have you.

Any other good Dtoiders out there going to be making the trip?
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